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Hello my fellow simmers, hope you all are doing good


  • Unfortunately, The Sims 4 is not compatible with Chromebooks. So, if you purchased the game on your Chromebook, you will not be able to play it on your Windows PC. But there are some hacks to <a href="">get sims 4 on Chromebook</a>
  • It adds a new level of depth and realism to the game's social interactions, allowing players to create more realistic and dynamic relationships between their Sims.
  • Thanks for sharing this information! It's great to see how the Sims community is coming together to share news and updates. I'll be sure to check out those threads and keep up with the latest from The Sims on social media.
  • it's always possible for the team to add more music instruments to the game in the future. Game development is an ongoing process, and developers often add new features and content to keep players engaged and interested. If there is enough demand for new music instruments from the community, the Sims team might consider…
  • > @chickenow said: > Slightly confusing title but a feature I love with the infants pack is food testing and it made me think...outside a couple of traits and fruitcake there isn't actually anything that allows you to discovers older sims taste pallets. > > It's been criticised that vegetarian and lactose intolerance are…
  • > @chacce said: > Seems like Lilsimsie accidentally revealed the original title for Growing Together in her recent YouTube video: > > The pack was originally called Lifetimes & Legacies. Thought this was an interesting detail to share. What do you think of the old name? Do you prefer Growing Together as the title? Or do…
  • > @Iomai said: > I'm making this post as to share my code on the forums for The Sims Mobile. You can also add players directly from the game but what if there was one sim you wanted to be friends with, came back, and they weren't there anymore? This is the place to post so someone can find you again (or for the first…
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