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  • Yes, I have this SP already. But it has no impact on a Cafe (public venue). Thanks for mentioning it though. If I go back to a residential Lot then maybe it will work. And maybe I have to change an icecream shop into a residential venue just to get a few photos for my photo shoot.
  • [SOLVED] I used MCCC to remove all her Buffs and that worked. I have no idea what Buff was on her that would cause such hysteria in others. There was nothing unusual in her moodlets or her emotional intensity.
  • No, she wasn't in any club. But nice idea.
  • @mcrudd Yeah, you got it :lol:
  • Love seeing all your TS3 screenshots, @Karritz I miss this game a lot. A better playing game than TS4.
  • I made an all-black classic-style R2 unit and I gave him a "special name" :lol: Anyone know what it means?
  • I haven't ordered it yet. Hope you all have fun with it.
  • LoL @chips46 :D You can still post here.... this part of the forum needs some life
  • What would you do? Choose option A or B :D
  • Hey Dusty, I'd join you in a discord if you want to make one. @stellanova too I got Discord a while back to chat with my family. But I wanted it for TS4 creativity too, since I'm not a player of the game.
  • Hi Chips! :lol: Haven't seen you for ages.... Great job with the alien Sim :smile:
  • Desktop, for me. But it's interesting how much "marketing" can pull the wool over the eyes of the unwary buyer. For example: We learn to consider Windows computers and base our judgement of power by the numbers. We think in terms of four main hardware: CPU; RAM; Storage Drives and Video Card. But did you know not all are…
  • @SilverDaybreak Wow! your thread is now 815 pages long. Though this is the first time I have ever seen it. I'm guessing a lot of people just advertise their stories here rather than chat and banter about stuff related to the thread topic. But I'll say that I and a few dear international friends write illustrated stories on…
  • This is like being the one kid at school who turns up on Monday and all the other kids in the class are talking about the party from the weekend. I'm not going to go on and on about it in a wild rant. But enough to say I didn't understand from any in-game prompts on the Home Screen what the nature of this "Sims Sessions"…
  • Thanks so much :blush: Andrew Pose Player: a Mod designed to allow you to run animations and poses created in tools such as Sims 4 Studio. Full details of how to use it and where to get it:
  • @rosemow Thank you. Maddison is one of my favorites ♥
  • There are lots of Servers out there that you can upload photos to and it works here. I think it's because it's only a URL of where to find the image. Even this image is my own Sim with lots of Custom Content and posted on my own Facebook with privacy settings that deny public viewing (while on the Facebook platform). But…
  • Solved: I think one of my Sims was in a time-clock performing a "show off moves" or "dance battle" and maybe she's such a bad dancer that the others were too embarrassed to be seen on the same dance floor :D idk...... Either way, I reset the Sim to force it to stop its sequence. and then the other Sims are now happy to…
  • [Natasha] Hmm..... What would Jesus do?
  • Yes, nice idea. But at the time (when I had this issue) teleport still didn't solve the issue. And though the structure did not impede the actual entry into the Millennium Falcon, the game would not let me into the ship (as I wrote in the first comment, directly underneath the original post) And in any case, it still would…
  • Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. As you can see from the relationship status, in this case we are Good Friends, yet still I can't get them to accept. The only thing I didn't know about them is their career.
  • So far, I have seen that the Hats category has some added EA content for those who bought the GP. About twenty (20) "Hats" have been added for Adults that effective give these alien masks. It's not a glitch as I imagine it. But it is all down to how EA Maxis has tagged each Hat. Have these Hats been tagged as available for…
  • Yeah, I thought I had a similar loss of a mission too (but not under the same circumstance of CAS mode edit). Mine was in doing a Scoundrel's mission And I just did that mission and it was offered again and I accepted it. So I was annoyed for a moment thinking why am I being offered the same mission as if I never completed…
  • Yeah, that may have worked, but what I don't know would be tie-ins within the game and the story/mission linking such a vital Lot. I don't want to sever links that are unseen in a User Interface of Build Mode and cause the game to falter because it hits a variable it can't account for. Edit: Since I couldn't even grab the…
  • SOLUTION: I had to resort to abandoning my Saved Game. But I did preserve: ☼ My Lot by saving it in Build Mode ☼ My Household by saving it in MCCC Master Controller Command Center) Full CAS Edit Mode. Probably would have also worked in the cheat mode Full CAS Edit Mode too. I starting a new game with my saved household and…
  • Unfortunately the structure is way off the grid. Only a small part of it is overlapping the cantina Lot. And I cannot see a grab point :(
  • Here is a wider view. You are right and it appears to be the base of the Cantina but made to be massive. Like the ] key was used on it. I swear I didn't do it. I didn't even know I could edit the Cantina until you mentioned it.

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