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  • Here's an idea: 1. Make a separate document for each story (like in Word or something) 2. Whichever story chapter you feel the most like writing, do so. 3. When a chapter looks like it's ready to submit, do so. Just a suggestion. :)
  • Oh, this one's easy:
  • I forgot another quirk I (probably) didn't put on the list: My tendency to use puns or just play on words for titles. Dunno why I do it, but basically, simlit or otherwise, a lot of chapters or stories have either punny titles, or titles from other sources (usually songs of course). Sometimes I worry I put more creativity…
  • If I had to choose some odd quirks I've noticed over the years of varied writing: There might be some other ones, but I don't remember them off the top of my head right now.
  • @RipuAncestor The end of an era :o
  • As long as it's clear they actually read the thing (Sims or otherwise), any feedback works for me.
  • Might be a glitch, or got sent to the wrong email.
  • Many congrats and well wishes to you @DeiraShadeweaver :)
  • Let's just say that Chronicles didn't just go in a different direction. It wound up in a whole different continent. :p
  • The second part of Chronicles, I had multiple save files in case I needed to use a different location with other characters. The first part, that mostly didn't apply, since it was text-only (barring a few special posts that did have screenshots)
  • And it gets even more aggravating if the author dies before the series is finished. Unless another person is willing to pick up where the original creator left off, the series ends up being abandoned, and fans are left hanging.
  • Kind of hard to play TS3 on a computer with a failed hard drive :p So I mostly just threw myself back into games/reading/fanfiction/etc. Also real life might have played a part too in all that :D
  • Not really. Mostly because when I try, they end up going a completely different direction than I initially expected. :s For example: Depends on the character, and how developed they are at that point. Another example: Do you like your approach? Is it working well for you? If not, what are you thinking of changing? Seems to…
  • How much do you rely on your pictures, and how much do you rely on your text to describe scenes? Considering I once wrote a story that was entirely text, I suppose I can go without pictures. In fact, several scenes in Part One would not be possible with pictures. However, pictures do help immensely if you need help trying…
  • @AdamsEve1231 What's funny is that I can recognize all the Sims you have in the picture :D
  • There is/was no such thing as a regular posting schedule for anything I write, honestly. I could post up to three chapters one day (admittedly shorter ones), and then go for a very long time without posting anything. By now, when I do manage to update something I haven't worked on in a while, I don't really bother saying…
  • Sometimes I learn a word that sounds interesting and/or cool, and I might adjust the chapter to use it (pretty sure in recent months I once changed an entire remainder of a chapter just to use the word 'poleaxed'). As for writing style, I guess sometimes I end up using a word so many times, I worry it may start getting…
  • My answer to both these questions is pretty much the same: a lot. Basically, I'm basically pop culture trash, and things I like or otherwise seem fitting for the current situation, it usually will get wedged in somehow (usually as a type of reference).
  • I still think of potential situations for the Racket-Rotter verse, long after I stopped writing for them. There's so much I still want to one day, in the (sadly distant) future, tap into in regards to the characters and their lives. Also because Sagebear is pure awesomeness in dog form. I could probably write an entire…
  • Do you use villains in your stories? Why (not)? Most certainly I do. If it's meant to be a story with an ongoing plot, some kind of heavy topic, or otherwise something besides silly little fluff pieces or comedic little vignettes, chances are there's going to be some kind of antagonist. I feel the need to point out one of…
  • Twinbrook from Sims 3. Let's just say most of the premades I've written about came from there :p
  • Hoo boy, this is going back some ways Simlit wise. I'd probably want to be friends with all the dogs. Sagebear, Faridah, and all the other ones (which, including the aforementioned two, would make eight dogs. That's a lot of dog kisses :) ). The humans? Eh. Maybe. But definitely the dogs. :p
  • Several chapters of two of my main Simlit are named after song titles, so...yes? I taught myself to read at the age of four, so I'd say that yes, back then and now, I do more than my fair share of reading (even though most of the time nowadays, I usually just read graphic novels and fanfiction. That still counts as serious…
  • I didn't do a whole lot of editing screenshots. About the only time I did was to indicate a flashback, or a memory. And even then, it was usually just putting a tinted color over it. For, say, dreams, I just fashioned up a completely black room and went accordingly with what I had planned.
  • Just another day with the Bender household :p
  • @DoodlyDoofus That cat looks like it's in the process of predicting the future, and not liking what it sees.
  • They are, indeed, quite unpleasant. I was told that they push it into your nostril until they feel resistance. Then they rapidly swirl it around about 5-10 times. Can confirm, had it done myself (it came back negative, thankfully)
  • Always good to get a head start on your education ;)
  • Considering that pretty much every character I've ever written has next to nothing in common with me, I always fear I'm screwing them up. Therefore, I try to look up any corresponding details, and hope I get at least some of it right.
  • @_sims_Yimi Note that when I say 'non simlit wise', I refer to regular writing/fanfiction. Then again, considering the Sims I have written about in the past, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for one of them to have caught fire during at least several important events :D As for the uh, 'death-burning' in…

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