• If you go to the canteen on a holiday (thanksgiving etc), you can get a special holiday menu and have roast turkey, I thought that was a pretty cool little addition. I'd spent most of the sim day stressing about where to cook a grand meal and had just given up and gone to the canteen! Also, your roommates can throw their…
  • Can we all just acknowledge for a moment that this was indeed another hint? Yay for hints!
  • I'm very sorry to hear about your health. I also have severe health issues so know how hard it can be. Look after yourself, it's far more important! I'm so sorry if I came across rude. That's great to hear, I'll add the others in now.
  • Hey! I was just wondering if you know yet if there are other mods that will need updating for the latest patch? Absolutely no rush - I just play with loads of your mods (they're amazing!) and I've updated the ones you've posted on your website and I've left the others out for now but would love to add in any of the ones…
  • @PeculiarPlumbob this is an old thread but how do you choose specific sims to not cull after they're dead?
  • Yeah I'll be honest I thought I was missing something... so to be clear - all this entails is the actual set up and then...that's it? You get royalties but then the only thing you can actually do is update your brand which basically means changing the logo and it costs you $300? That can't be right!
  • Interesting! My female sim has always only ever had male co stars - and they rotate around the same 3 or so. I’ve right clicked on them and changed them in CAS. When you exit they’ll still be your co stars and that way you can change how they look and their gender. I also give them some fame depending on what level the gig…
  • I agree so much with everything you’ve said. I’ve had to supplement my sims acting career and turn aging off (which I’ve never done before) in order to make it possible for her to be rich before she ages up. A couple more things that bug the heck out of me. They say they put a lot of effort into the acting career, and on…
  • A tiny possible solution - not to the celebrities being spawned but to the actual townies - MCCC has a new update which includes being able to have all, or a percentage of, your spawned townies come from your library/tray. I've set it to 100%, downloaded loads of sims from the gallery and now whenever a townie is spawned,…
  • Does anyone know if the already famous NPC's increase/decrease their fame autonomously? I'd rather not have to cheat up my sims famous friend but not sure if this can happen naturally!
  • Potentially really stupid question given it's basically a tablet but has anyone tried to run Sims 4 on the Windows Surface Pro 4 1tb/i7? I want one for other reasons and feel toying with my love of Sims.... Can't post the link because it seems I'm still too "new"
  • Thank you both so much @Colton147147 & @lmkiture - really appreciate your help
  • Thanks @rosemow !! Unfortunately I don't have any CC or mods and my sims have very small inventories :( it's a mystery.
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