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  • If you are saving sims or lots with custom content, and you don't see them in your library or the gallery, it is because you have the option to show custom content disabled. In both your library and in the gallery, look under Advanced on the left hand side. Make sure that "Include Custom Content" is checked. Marking it in…
  • That issue isn't patch related--it was seen by some before the patch. To resolve it, you will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it. You do not need to rename, move, or delete your game data folder, so you should be able to pick right back up where you left off after the reinstall is complete.
  • I'm not sure what the cause of the issue is. Some people were experiencing it before the patch, so it's not necessarily patch related. So far, those who have gone through the re-install have not had a re-occurrance.
  • It sounds like when the window resized via the cheat, something got out of sync. Rather than using the cheat, instead go into your options, and change it there. This will force the UI to reinitialize, hopefully preventing this from occurring. Changing back and forth from fullscreen does not (or should not) require you to…
  • You shouldn't need to re-enter the code. Once the code is registered to your Origin account, Origin will remember it on the server side.
  • Hi Rachie, So far, the only way anyone has found to correct this issue and get string replacement to work properly again is to completely uninstall and reinstall the game. You do not need to remove or rename any of you save game or other player data files, so you shouldn't lose anything you have created or any progress in…
  • There's no limit to the number of times you can reinstall the game. There IS a limit that you can only have it installed on 5 different computers at the same time.
  • Since it's a job that is having the problem the fix is very simple and quick. Quit your job and immediately use the phone to take the same job. You will be rehired at the same level and the objective should be marked as completed.
  • Since it is a job that is affected, there is quick and easy fix for this. Simply quit the job, then immediately use the phone to take the same job. You will be rehired at the same level and the objective should successfully complete. This only seems to be affecting jobs (and in some cases aspirations) that were started…
  • Dawn, are the affected sims using the Mod Pod Twin Sleeper? There is some evidence that that bed may be bugged and causing sims who sleep on it to get that moodlet.
  • Mirrors have behaved like this for me as well, from the very beginning. It seems that they work above some sinks, but not above others.
  • For this particular problem, the only known way to resolve it and get the strings to be properly converted back to text is to uninstall and reinstall. Someone mentioned it may occur when something gets hinky between the language set in your OS and the language the game is installed in (or thinks it is).
  • As an alternative to using the control panel, you can right click on The Sims 4 in Origin and select "Uninstall" from there. The end result will the same regardless of which method you use. :) Whichever method you use to uninstall, to reinstall the game, right click on the game in Origin and select Install.
  • Okay. That particular moodlet has been seen associated with that particular bed by another user. It looks like the bug may be related to the bed. Getting ready to start a radio shift soon, but as soon as I am done, I will test on my end and see if it behaves the same for me for further confirmation of this.
  • Out of curiosity, does the sim in question happen to use the Mod Pod Twin Sleeper?
  • If you are referring to text being replaced by seemingly random strings of letter/number combinations, then yes. The only known way to resolve this is to uninstall and reinstall the game. You should not need to delete your save game data or library, so once you do the reinstall, you should be able to pick up right where…
  • Hmmm... maybe that's not a burner, but a splashing puddle. Maybe he is trying to discretely 🐸🐸🐸🐸 in the corner where he thinks no one will see. Lazy dog doesn't wanna walk all the way to the toilet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Since Teen sims (and child sims who have an A or B) don't pick up the book unless they do Extra Credit, it's possible your sim left it laying around the house. If they did, it's probably either still laying there or someone picked it up and put it away in the bookcase. If the book truly is missing, you can buy a new copy…
  • @carlywycherley‌ : Do you mean it doesn't mark them as complete or that it doesn't show them to you at all? If it is showing them to you, but not marking them as complete, quit your job, and then immediately use the phone to take the same job again. You will be rehired at the same level as before and the objective will be…
  • This has been seen by others. The way to fix this is to uninstall and reinstall the game. Repair will, unfortunately, not work for this one. You should not need to delete or move your saved game files, so no progress should be lost by reinstalling.
  • Come back and let us know if it worked. If it doesn't, I have another idea to try.
  • Actually, the problem they were talking about was switching between sims on different lots, not when travelling or loading a save game. For example, Bella goes to the park, leaving Mortimer at home. While Bella is still at the park, you click the option to make Mortimer the active sim without bringing Bella home. Whatever…
  • Out of curiosity, exit the game, right click on it in Origin, and select "Repair Game". It looks like some thumbnails are missing. That may trigger them to regenerate.
  • Okay, the problem is that you placed a lot from your library or the gallery and it lost it's lot type setting, essentially making it a generic community lot. To verify that this is the case, go into build mode, click the lot info icon. The lot type on the left should say "Residential" if it is instead a colored square with…
  • I know there is an issue where lots saved to the library and gallery are losing their lot types. This may be causing issues with the filtering, even if you are filtering on things other than lot type.
  • Historically speaking, there have always been some free content updates. For example, spiral staircases were introduced in The Sims 3 Generations. At that time, only those who had Generations could use spiral staircases. Later on, they released an update that allowed anyone to use spiral staircases. The same is true with…
  • The only known fix is to uninstall and reinstall. Repair doesn't seem to fix the issue. Save game data does not need to be removed so you should be able to resume your game without problems.
  • I was seeing this behavior before the patch. It seems that sometimes if needs are too low your sims will leave work to come home to eat or use the toilet or whatever. I have also seen it happen though with no discernable reason. Guess the businesses in town are trying to cut back on expenses so removed all the toilets to…
  • At the moment, the only known way to correct this is to uninstall and reinstall the game. You do not need to remove your saved game data so no progress should be lost and you should be able to pick back up where you left off.

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