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  • Is there a leash somewhere? I did not find one in PET items?
  • Are there blueberries in the game now?
    in Blueberries Comment by mappam April 2015
  • I would like to know this also!
    in Blueberries Comment by mappam April 2015
  • Thank you all SOO much for all the tips and info - I really appreciate it. I have built a small bakery and will try it out tomorrow. Guests arriving any minute lol so have to call it a day for now. Can't wait for my "cook" to make some cakes and goodies - yeeHaa.......
  • Ohhh - PS = are there new plants for the cooking? If so where do I find them for a garden? THANKS!
  • Thanks so much for the info and tips!! I guess I have to have her quit her job then open her business. She already has the cupcake machine - can I move that to the new location? Just put it into inventory?? Cinebar Great Tips!! This does sound like fun. She also has some painting skills so I can display some paintings for…
  • I REALLY hope that there are some seasonal items added before the Christmas "feeling" has past LOL
  • I think this is a BUG. ALL of my girls are fat when they turn into a child and/or teen! No just one but ALL of the girls. How do you exercise a child? Why ALL of the girls and not the boys? I have commented on this in other threads and nothing has been done - YET.....
  • Okay that WAS the problem! The "green" bar was not full - but the romance one was. I had them chat and hug etc and finally got the "propose" option! THANK you all!!
  • I will check - thanks!
  • The relationship is really high. No option for engagement or anything even close to it.
  • We LOVE Ecuador! We did a lot of research and visited before we made our final choice. Cuenca Ecuador is perfect for us..... We are learning Spanish - the problem is we lived in Brazil so learned Portuguese and it is close enough to make learning Spanish (especially at our age LOL) very strange! Cuenca has the perfect…
  • I also wish I was a game developer - ! We have been lucky to have been to Egypt, Russia, Croatia, Peru, and most of EU. That was before the "crash" of the economy. In fact we moved to Ecuador because we can live here on our SS! I will check out the games talked about above - thanks for the info.
  • We just moved to Ecuador - I know this is Peru - but closer than most of you are now LOL. I get it - and I really appreciate all the comments and replies on my idea....
  • I have both Skyrim and Fallout (s) games. But HOW can we suggest something like this to one of the single-player RPG companies?
  • I am SOO Jealous! I have tried and tried and Never gotten twins or trips!
  • I totally agree - I could spend DAYS or weeks just trying to build skills, crafting items, watching families grow and pass on the knowledge..... We can dream!
  • jcp - BUT it does have the 2 options - as was talked about above. I agree - I can only play that for so long.
  • LOL MasonGamer - I was JUST thinking that.....Minecraft has the 2 options - kill or not!
  • Bagoes - I HATE PvP! I have played WoW, Everquest 1 & 2, Guildwars etc.... Most of these I have beta tested as well. jcp = I am not a "twitch" player either! I tend to go slowly and concentrate on crafting and exploring. I usually stay in areas where the "critters" are lower level than my character. Geeeze - I am a 69 year…
  • LOL I did NOT mean NO woohoo! Just that that was not what I meant by "Adult"! The Adult part comes in with the M for mature - hunting and killing for safety. I want to grow a family as much as the next person!! jcp = I hope you are right and I think you are spot on with the Castaway Sims 2 and Medieval in Sims 3! Fingers…
  • You are right - that is a City Building game. I would like to see the ability to focus on ONE SIM or couple (for children). I want them to be able to either build a home (from the lumber they chop, or weaving palm fronds on the Island setting) OR find an abandended cabin/hut. I like City Building BUT you do not have the…
  • I will have to look up Banished - thanks all for the replies and comments!
  • Is it suppose to be "See-Through"? and the cabinets just are not working from a front on view? I have NOT added upper cabinets BECAUSE I was afraid that they would block my view from an different location in the game??
  • So there is NO reason to have a career? No real benefits to going to work and you sitting there watching a blank screen until they get home = unless you have a family and can play the other family members? You CAN make money painting and selling the finished art work or writing a book or gardening and selling the produce???
  • I was trying to remember some of the - yes - locked content..... upgraded kitchen items, upgraded and deco for artests, hidden bookcase door for Special Agent, better "stuff" for writer etc.... I would need to get into the game to see all of the items. Some SEEM to be useful but others just for deco and nothing more?…
  • What I mean is the Career Rewards you get when you reach a higher level.....Cook gets a countertop as the first "perk" or that is given to the Sim as a reward. Clearer??
  • Thanks hmae! I will not garden with this Sim and try the above. Do the appliances make a difference in the quality? Better stove better food?
  • The planted fruit/veggies are doing fine now! Thanks for the comments - I really appreciate it!
  • Maybe the "buydebug" plants are suppose to be used in commercial lots and never progress?? That is the only thing I can think of as to why they did not change from Normal?? I will try just the fruit (not the plant itself) and see if that makes a difference.....

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