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  • I'm hoping for a hotel/resort EP or a time traveling one like Into the Future (maybe with the option of travelling to the past too)
  • That's my most wanted item for the game right now, even more than cars. In The Sims 3 days, I liked to put pool tables in the mansions I built cause they are a good space filler and also a fun object. I wish the Basement Treasures pack had been a stuff pack instead, cause it could've included a pool table as the new…
  • Yeah same, I wish the basement one had included a pool table or a functional landline, it would've been the perfect opportunity.
  • I like the two new kits and I wanna get them, especially the basement one, but I haven't updated my game yet and don't wanna do so until they release another patch fixing the CAS issues from the last patch.
  • I don't build basements that often, they aren't very common in my country so I usually forget about them. Usually I only build them if there are more rooms I wanted to include in the house but didn't have enough space above ground or wouldn't fit the floorplan, or if it's a more secret room such as a vault in a mansion for…
  • They are 50x50. I believe that was the largest lot size in the game until Get Together, Windenburg had the first 64x64 lot in TS4.
  • For the first time, besides the main family that I will play with, I actually decided to make an extended family as well including grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins, to live in different households so it will be fun to invite them for a visit, or for parties/holiday celebrations or to stay over for a few days. Also I…
  • I really hope The Sims 4's cycle doesn't end until we finally get these things: - Pool tables (every Sims game has had them so far, except TS4) - Cars and garages - Hotels or resorts There are more things I would like, but these 3 are like the ones that I would be super disappointed if they're never added to the game…
  • Yeah, I would like another blank world that doesn't have the same style as Willow Creek, and also it should have at least one 64x64 lot. None of the base game worlds have any 64x64 lots currently, and the pack worlds that do, usually have a lot already built so I have to bulldoze the lot to build there.
  • The biggest thing I want at the moment is pool tables. I miss them so much for mansions, game rooms, bars. I really wish they included pool tables in Discover University like the previous University packs in TS2 and TS3 but they didn't. I'm surprised we still don't have pool tables after 9 years when all previous games had…
  • Beach city for sure. Maybe something Rio de Janeiro inspired.
  • I was expecting the CAS relationship options to be updated with the Growing Together patch, sadly this was not the case. Also, not just boyfriend/girlfriend, but I also wish we could set relationships like "uncle/aunt", "cousin", "step-father/step-mother", etc. directly, without having to create a linking parent sim.
  • I voted laundry because that is such a basic thing to have in your house. Pretty much every house I make in the game has a laundry room, in real life that is almost always the case too (at least where I live), so I think it makes my builds more realistic. It feels as weird to me to not include a laundry room than to not…
  • Me. I already created a family yesterday that includes an infant so it's ready for when the EP comes out, but I'm waiting to actually play.
  • I wish we got new types of playground equipment like slides for children sims (the treehouse slide doesn't really count as it's attached to the treehouse), see saws, merry-go-round. Also wish we got strollers.
  • I really want to see a Hotel/Resort game pack where you can manage a hotel/resort (or stay in one as a guest), as well as a hobby focused game pack, something like The Sims 2 Free Time.
  • Pool tables, they are a fun object and a great space filler in larger homes or mansions. I can't believe we still don't have them after 9 years, so many missed opportunities to have them included such as Get Together, Get Famous, Discover University. A hobbie focused pack would probably be the best chance now to still get…
  • I still hope to see these added before the end of The Sims 4 lifespan: - Pool tables (Discover University would've been the perfect opportunity to add them but we never got them, but hopefully they can still be in a future pack) - Cars/garage doors (unlikely at this point but I can still hope) - Spiral stairs - Curved…
  • I like the new swatches but I wish those windows that always have a white interior got new swatches where the interior changes as well to match the exterior color. I much prefer dark brown wood than white wood but if I want to use those windows I'm stuck with white on the interior.
  • I was expecting some grungy stuff to be honest, like broken/boarded up windows, broken/dusty/worn out furniture since it's a haunted house pack, but all the new objects look so clean and well kept, unlike stuff you would normally find in a haunted house.
  • About platforms: About the showering rule:
  • I use MOO all the time. I don't think it's a problem if you play test it.
  • My house in real life is like that so I don't find it weird (living room between the kitchen and dining room). The living room and dining room are actually in the same room, but the sofa and fireplace are closer to the kitchen than the dining table.
  • The build/buy objects, and also the hair section of CAS to see if more hair colors were really added since the trailers made it seem like it (unless it's attached to specific hairstyles).
  • Another question I forgot to put in my post, can we place the hot springs object in residential lots as well or is it exclusive to the Onsen bathhouse lot? It would be great especially for mansions.
  • In my country people normally wear flip flops or slippers inside, but we normally don't take our shoes off at the entrance, we normally do that when we get to the bedroom/closet. But guests almost always keep their regular shoes and it's not weird for people to wear their regular shoes inside their own homes either,…
  • I really liked the new wall mailbox! I'll probably use it all the time in my builds. And also the new wall shower (although I would prefer it without that small mirror attached to it).
  • Deligracy's builds were actually my favorite ones (along with James's starter home). Especially the rental house. But I prefer modern builds myself so maybe that's why. Lilsimsie's builds are a little bit too traditional for my taste.
  • I think EA should've done this for every pack, because EA's build are all quite bad. Hopefully they continue to partner with gamechangers in the upcoming packs.

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