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  • It won't show up, like the chocolate fountain. All the items are there, though. It is the coding. Actually really glad you mentioned the sale. I have been waiting to get my last couple of expansion packs. I didn't get my usual email from steam about wishlist items on sale. I would have hated to miss it.
  • @spiredmoth check out barnacle Bay. I bought the bundle, and even though it didn't say, it was included and free to download.
  • Thank you for the Le Cirque celebration pieces @melaniet1020 !
  • I'm currently working on Live, Laugh, Love and Le Cirque Nouveau.
  • Thanks @laurabow . I will definitely get the world bundle then. Maybe I should skip the barrier to entry and get the other two. I have just enough for those. Barrier to entry seems like it would be really good for the boardwalk and world of wonder lots/builds with those, but maybe the baking ability and art studio are…
  • Thank you @lisasc360 . I am looking at daily deal prices, used to stalk more. I just found out I never registered my base game and got points from that, so I am just looking at ones I didn't go for before. The bakery comes up tomorrow, and the art studio a few days later. The cinema would take quite a bit more deal…
  • I was able to get a green download on the make a wish compilation for the recent daily deal. Yay. Now I am working on the Bohemian garden and Boho Vintage women sets. Thank you!
  • Thank you @lizbethbear for the enchanting faire seat! I'm so excited to add it to my garden. My top 5 is updated.
  • Thank you so much @melaniet1020 for the frolic away dress, faire book shelf, and faire tale shell vase! Those help so much towards the sets!
  • I have updated my top 5. Thanks!
  • I got country living, lullabies and nursery rhymes, and street couture for kids and teens on the recent daily deals. Now I am focusing on the happily ever after clothing and hairstyles, faire folk den, and faire folk outdoors. Thank you!
  • @BlueSpaarkle your welcome. I was having trouble, too, but found that digging through old achievement threads. I only recently got discount dj, which I never had a notification for. It showed up when I played another save... @karritzb the degree ones do work with roommates. I just finished a degree in university and was…
  • I think, based on the value of the India Inspirations bedroom set, I could get it for free as well, or almost, with the Lord Vladimir's cauldron. I may try that if I don't get up in the middle of the night for the grill. It goes on DD #805 for 162sp, and has a full value of about 60sp more than the bedroom set. If it…
  • Thank you @bluespaarkle and @coriandre . I will look for the grill when it goes around, then. And thank you for the true romance hairstyle, @BlueSpaarkle. It's possibly the best item for that set. It will be perfect for weddings and help me towards the compilation.
  • Thank you @melaniet1020 for the three country living items! They will help me out so much with that set! My focused sets are now lullabies and nursery rhymes and street couture for kids and teens, as well as futureshock loft. Country living should be quite low for cys now. Thank you again!
  • @Coriandre That helps. I think I need to do the den and the happily ever after clothes and hairstyles, with the other extras I already have. And that's really awesome with the greenhouse, then. I wasn't sure if it had been altered, but the animal abounds cascade wasn't, so...that probably hasn't either.
  • I am currently focusing on Country Living, Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes, and Street Couture for Kids and Teens, as well as futureshock loft. I am almost done with Everyday Teens and Sweet Escape Nursery.
  • My top 5 has been updated. Thanks!
  • Coffee courier works if you drink the coffee then head straight out to get the job.
  • I think I will get Dragon Valley first (birthday gift), and maybe get the bundle for Christmas. The green people just intrigued me. I saw them in the trailer but couldn't figure out why they were being featured. I thought they were part alien. I could get good storylines with that as well.
  • @waterywatermelon That's funny, I stay away from the established characters, because I feel like they have to go that way. I figure story progression takes care of them. If I did, it would make Monte Vista much more entertaining.
  • I replaced the whole family and it kept happening. When I aged up the toddler she stuck, but not the baby. I moved a couple of families out, that have moved in with kids. I have also turned off story progression. I mean really EA? New families with kids while others disappear from existing families? They should cull entire…
  • Thanks @ puzzleaddict. That's what I was hoping and what I thought from what I saw. I just wanted to make sure that it would have that special feel to play in.
  • I have updated my top five list. Thank you!
  • There are two options you could have chosen to get him into the house. One takes longer to get to come up. Did you ask him to move in or to be your roommate? Move in is what you wanted. Be your roommate means he will take up a household space, but you have no control. Like dorm mates in university. You can try to split and…
  • I had this happen to me yesterday as well. I tried the join now from the launcher and it opened internet explorer, which I can't find anywhere on my computer. All it did was tell me to download edge. However, I could clear the history (uncheck save favorites). Then I could log in. I had to restart the game after that for…
  • @LeahMcSims I just clicked on become member, or whatever it says to make a new account. It opened up internet explorer, which I didn't even think I had on my computer. It took me to a page to download Microsoft Edge. However, I could still use tools (gear) - safety - delete browsing history. Make sure to uncheck the save…
  • I am having this problem today as well. I don't even have internet explorer and have changed my password 3 times. No luck. I wonder if there is something with EA right now. I am hoping so, because I really don't know what to do with this. It will let me play offline, but I also can't download any of my store content right…
  • Here is my wishlist, if anyone is still gifting from this thread. Thanks!
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