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  • Here's Tiffany and her friends from the cheer squad, Alyssa, Ashley, and Lindsay, flaunting their Halloween costumes. So tell me, who had the best costume?
  • It's Halloween night in Angel City and while the little kids are off trick or treating, the big kids are going to a costume party at Trevor's house. And let's just say that Halloween + teens - parental supervision = a real good time. TIFFANY: Wow, Trevor! You really know how to throw a good house party. TREVOR: Thanks. But…
  • There's a costume party going on at Trevor's house and anyone who's anyone is gonna be there.
  • Allow me to introduce the newest member of the chosen few, Lola Espinoza. Original CAS portrait ArtBred Portraits
  • You just gotta love the facial expressions in this game. They really tell a lot about a sim's personality. In this case Rosa being the more jovial sister and Lola having an, "I'm so done with this," type of attitude.
  • Thanks @Nikkei_Simmer, your sims are handsome, gorgeous, or some other synonym for beautiful. Here's another picture of Tiffany to hold you guys over until I find more sims to run through ArtBreeder. (Note the next sims on the chopping block are two males and one female, and they probably won't be black or white with…
  • Did you know that if you hold down Shift and press A or D after you press Tab, that you can tilt the camera diagonally? To realign the camera just hold Shift and press S.
  • I took some tweaking to Tiffany's CAS portrait and once again, I'm pleased with the results. Now I really gotta think about which 3 sims I'm gonna give the ArtBreeder special to.
  • @Nikkei_Simmer To get a realistic looking face reduce Art to minimum, increase Sharpness to near maximum, reduce Chaos either a little or a lot depending on the image, then toy around wit the other switches until you get your desired result. Which in this case is a photo-realistic version of your sim.
  • So I decided to give ArtBreeder a try and I must say I'm really impressed with the results. Here's a few pictures of Melissa Thompson Original CAS snapshot After the Artbreeder treatment
  • Did you know that if you hold Shift then press either A or D then you can tilt the camera left or right? That's how I got this diagonal angle. It makes for some pretty cool looking scenic shots. Perfect for custom loading screens or as an establishing shot when going into a new scene for stories.
  • You know a party's getting good when guests start vomiting on the floor. MELISSA: *retching* TIFFANY: *giggling* Looks like someone's a total lightweight. JUSTIN: Aw gross! You're lucky I got these shoes on sale!
  • It's totally on-brand for Andy to be confused by Mindy going on some nerd rant or talking about anything related to math or science. ANDY: You totally lost me. MINDY: Okay I'm going to explain it again, this time in a way that everyone can understand.
  • @king_of_simcity7 : Thanks. I was inspired by the Street Fighter games to set the fight in a place that would reflect the boys' personality an interests. @Brandontaylor & @MoonandStars83: Thank you. Glad you liked it. @PalmArrow: It's Angel City
  • It's been a while since the last Sim-Fu fight, so I figured I'd pit Trevor against his best friend and fellow blue belt, Andy Smith. MASTER WONG: Round one, FIGHT! The battle raged on until Trevor emerged victorious. MASTER WONG: Trevor wins. But it's all good, a friendly sparring match never hurt nobody...at least in the…
  • Here's a picture of Trevor and Andy having some fun at the Santa Myra Pier.
  • My Angel City save plays out like a sitcom, with a dash of romance and every now and then a bit of drama to spice things up. I guess you could call it a period piece too since it's set in a fictionalized version of 90s California, but it's mostly a comedy.
  • This one's for you @hellokitty1496 and anyone else who wanted the Broadway/Under the Stars prom. I encourage anyone who visits this discussion to post pics of their build of a high school dance. And feel free to use any theme such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines' Day, Space Age, or any other theme you can come up with.
  • With PortraitAI being worked on, I thought it would be a good idea to plug in two substitute sites in the meantime. Some forum users in the Sims 4 Creative Corner found https://artbreeder.com/ (registration required) and https://ai-art.tokyo/en/ (no registration) to be pretty decent replacements until PortraitAI is back up…
  • @hellokitty1496 Actually my school's prom had a Broadway theme instead of an Under the Sea theme, and it was held in a ballroom of a fancy downtown hotel. I just went with the underwater setting because it made sense with the blue lighting. Now that I think about it, if I wanted to I could've used some of the urban stage…
  • Someone in similar Reddit thread mentioned that these would make good custom paintings. I guess it's only a matter of time before someone with the skills makes that a reality.
  • Nothing says 90s nostalgia like a video arcade. Perfect for kids who want to spend their Saturday playing old school favorites as well as the latest releases. The arcade on a busy day MINDY: You win this round, you coin eating cheater!
  • One time when I was creating a sim in The Sims 3 I hit the name randomizer a few of times before I stopped on the name Jim Crow. Keep in mind that I was creating a black sim too. Other than that I'm usually the one creating funny or pun names for my NPCs such as Jack Hoff, Jack Daniels, Rob Steele, and Moe Lester.
  • I always thought Trevor and Tiffany would make a cute couple. <3 <3 <3 Sidenote: If they were a few years older, they probably would've brought some nectar, candles, and a blanket with them.
  • T, C, and some TLC It all started when Trevor invited Chloe over at his house to hang out for a while. They talked for a while and I noticed that they are mutually attracted to each other. Around 12:30ish they left Trevor's house to catch a matinee. After the movie was over Chloe and Trevor hung out at the park before…
  • Gamerplay94 here and I've been posting short stories on the forums since I was able to post screenshots on here and I started my own page in the Creative Corner that hosts the best (so far) stories I've written. https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/974830/gamerplaya94s-story-archive#latest
  • Hotter Than Fire Angel City Times: Diner Saved by Good Samaritan NANCY: So I was on my way home after another ordinary workday, when suddenly I saw all these people freaking out over something. Turns out their reaction was completely justified considering one of the tables caught on fire and the flames were spreading like…
  • Martial Arts in Mirror Park Today one of Trevor's wishes was to spar with someone and I figured that I might as well put his newly acquired blue belt skills to the test. But this was the ultimate test, he was going up against his instructor, Master Wong. MASTER WONG: Let's see what you have learned. TREVOR: I'm ready when…
  • Grandma's Gift GRANDMA: So what did you get me? TREVOR: Open the box and find out. GRANDMA: Well whatever it is, I don't like it. Take it back to the store. TREVOR: What do you mean you don't like it?! You didn't even open it! GRANDMA: I don't need to open it. TREVOR *thinking*: And you old folks have nerve to call kids…
  • The Secret Ingredient SHARON: I've got lemonade, orange juice, apple juice. You name it, only a quarter a cup. ABBY: Surprise me. SHARON: Okay, that'll be 25 cents. ABBY: Mmm, this juice is really good. What flavor is this? SHARON: If I told you then that would ruin the surprise. SHARON: What can I get you? LESLIE: I'll…

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