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  • Thank you! I bookmarked the couple of sims I want so I'll download them and give that a try tomorrow!
  • Ah, can the dashboard look at stuff installed in the launcher? Or should I only be installing sims as package? I did find a tutorial on how to convert sims to package file but I haven't tried as I've not downloaded a sim in years. Or am I misunderstanding you?
  • Ah, okay. Maybe the baby's hunger didn't get low enough or anything because he's a toddler now. We'll just have to see what happens I guess.
  • If I knew anything about modding I'd make one myself with all the features I want, but I know NOTHING. :'(
  • I think what you mean is the one i appreviated KW in my post. That one just scares me.
  • Is there a way to cure the town without starting over? I have like 30 something backups but can't for the life of me remember which one is pre- llama pox. Nor do I really want to go back that far.
  • Thanks igazor! Will doing the first step remove it from the town or just stop it from further spreading? I just don't want to be in a situation where the inactives are all passing llama pox around forever if they end up stuck with it if I disable it.
  • At least your Grim is useful! Mine just walks around and admires himself in all the mirrors.
  • I love using the online dating for my sims. As someone who is scared sh**less to talk to cute guys in person I imagine my sims would feel similar and would enjoy the anonymity and comfort of getting to know their man online before meeting for real. :p
  • It won't let me put in greeting card photos or prom pics. Can you not do it with those?? That's what I saw in the YouTube video so that's what I wanted to do.
  • I don't though, I only have the ones the game comes with. I don't have any custom ones or any that I've made. So unless the game ones are too many that can't be it.
  • @SimplyJen Well, I have an ASUS gaming laptop so I don't think it's low end. I got it specifically to play 3 as I no longer have a desktop. I've had it for about a year and everything else about 3 works perfectly except for build/buy CASt. It's like night and day from my old laptop(which was the laggiest thing known to…
  • I've never tried one. I find I always get annoyed with where the roads are in blank worlds and that certain lots from the bin are odd sizes so you can't always but them wherever you want, only where they fit. And I'm not much of a builder. So I prefer to make my own worlds in CAW so I can design the roads for the buildings.
  • @TreyNutz thanks, I never would have thought about that. How do I check that?
  • That's probably exactly it! I haven't had that opportunity pop up in ages - it's probably long overdue to be fixed. The principal must not trust my teens enough to do it!
  • Hair I get all from 3 creators - Plumblobs, Ifcasims, and Shimmydim. Clothes I couldn't even tell you who they're all by. I only download CC that I can find on Lana CC Finds tumblr so that if I ever have to start all over its all in one place.
  • @igazor true, but I find that they always change themselves back. They're like it's too cold for this Cleo what are you doing to us? :p
  • @CravenLestat impressive! I'm awful at making irl people in sims, even with tons of CC. What is your secret?
  • I would start with renaming your the sims 3 folder to something like the sims 3 old and then starting the game, and let it generate a new fresh folder.
  • I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but it is okay if they have the s3pe logo as long as they're still a .package All of mine have s3pe logos because I merge them. In fact, all my ts2 and ts4 CC have s3pe logos as well, as has been pointed out in this topic it's just what your computer has learned to associate. The logo…
  • Yeah, that's what I do too. It doesn't always help, for example last prom even though Logan asked Abrianna she never came to the house (that or I missed her)so while I was able to make sure Logan was in his suit Abrianna was still in her outerwear. So I can't always MC the townies, but my sims that I control always are in…
  • @Deshong04 thanks, I've never used those before. I will give those a try!
  • Ah! I learn new stuff about MC everyday! I've had it for a few years now but still learning! I wonder how I've managed to gloss over that setting before now. And by cheaty I meant like the add sim where they just poof into the household. Without having to go to edit town etc.
  • For me I just had to explain that I own every single sims game ever made in any series and that the new laptop I bought didn't have a disc drive. The rep I spoke to was very nice and gave me the UC for nothing! I had all my boxes lined up on the floor ready to take a picture and he was just like yeah sure here!
  • I have the same issue with those two hairs not showing up in BodyShop. They show up as bald heads even though the mesh is included with the download. However they show up fine in game for me, just not BodyShop. This happens with a lot of newer 3t2 or 4t2 hairs and I am assuming it is something to do with polycount.
  • Exactly! I was 4 years old with ts1 so I did play but my mom had to type the money cheat and whatnot. But by ts2 I was in school and so it really was my life. Probably why I to this day at 22 have no friends....i make up excuses to just stay at home and sim instead!
  • Sounds to me like you should just adopt it! It's parents obviously don't want it!
  • Sounds to me like they only wanna go out because you saved their life. Seems like the wrong reason to be with someone
  • I would recommend Beaverhausen , they have options for EA or Adjust Shine in all their hairs. I
  • I was going to say you could also make the storyline her having amnesia, or a groundhog day scenario. Reliving the same day over and over.

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