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  • You can befriend Mother Plant :D Then visit her every day and ask for riches.
  • I didn't know that feathers (from Cats & Dogs) can be transformed into cool wall decor.
  • Please don’t be sorry @Metior_Ice :) That’s a very creative and unobvious way to combine paranormal and island living. Would have never thought of that! I usually go for boring cheesy magic when it comes to bringing ghosts back. And since I can apparently post pics now.. This one has a floating soda can inside, lol.
  • Can’t say for sure, but I think several chance cards were added or updated to appear more often with eco lifestyle patch, those like Bess Sterling asking for money, the “should we try for baby” or “should I propose” + the crush one. Although they are still very rare in my experience, which is a shame. Anyway, today I…
  • I was doing some magic-related sims science the other day and one thing I learned about the inferniate spell is that you can actually cast it as many times as you want and create a massive house fire, but your caster sim needs to be off the active lot and do it from a distance. I assume this is a bug because sometimes I…
  • Mostly build/buy stuff and the new world. Although lot challenges all combined look like a fun scenario to play, hope my sims are prepared to spend most of their lives livin’ in an amish paradise~
  • - turn-ons and turn-offs because current likes and dislikes have close to no effect on gameplay - improved whims - an ability to save face and outfit presets in cas I know that mods can do wonders, just wish these things were in the game itself.
  • Hi! Yes, if I’m not mistaken, you loose all special interactions and abilities unlocked at max rank once you drop but keep object rewards and CAS stuff. I only did secret society and debate guild though, but probably this applies for robotics too.
  • The showsiminfo mod is amazing and I use it very often, I just thought the OP wanted a specific answer and I had the game opened at the time. Same for the thread about hidden traits, lots of helpful info there, for console players especially, I think. I used one of the old posts by kalaksed that explains how to make custom…
  • Hi! There is a hidden trait that looks like that: trait_IntroToVampire_Caller You can add it to your sim and delete it from vlad with cheats. That should work… in theory.
  • Only when it comes to finding ways to avoid responsibilities and extra work, hehe. Evil? :o
  • Actually sims can be afraid of meat walls. I think it’s the Squeamish trait that makes them do so. They get a +2 scared moodlet that says something like “Did that thing just move??”. Love this item btw and often incorporate it in some… questionable builds.
  • I’m hoping to see the pond tool for build mode re-introduced with this pack as a basegame update because that seems fitting. also me want ponds
  • @SwanSong93 oh okay then, my last theory is that if there’s too many people on one lot (no idea about the exact limit, around 20+ maybe?) grim just won’t spawn sometimes but this makes very little sence.. definitely not a mod issue, hope this will be patched someday
  • Hi! Was there some social event going on when you did that? I’m having this issue in my game as well for quite some time already, only with emotional deaths. The death animation is not occurring during a party with neither played or unplayed sims, only on residential lots though. Any other lot type or no party and…
  • Goofball apartment neighbours and in general random people hanging out on my property without being invited make me irrationally mad and willing to go on a killing spree.
  • Hi! I noticed some particular npc mechanics in this game, perhaps this can be the case. People that visit your lot have their hunger motive locked alongside with social. Or maybe it just refills automatically from time to time so you can’t kill them with starvation. However they do get hungry when being invited to parties…
  • Hi! (: I just joined the forums despite being a long-time simmer. I started playing shortly after TS3 was released, then tried TS2 out of curiosity, then took a rather long break and jumped into Sims 4 about 2 years ago. I love building in this game. I think build mode is fantastic here once you get used to its tools.…

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