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  • I've been playing my Scott Legacy since the beginning. I don't have any pictures atm but I'm currently on generation 12, about to be 13 and I'm pretty proud of how far they have come!
  • My top three are the bird feeder, the new drink pitcher (I use the Spa Day one a lot too) and the new table which looks so awesome!!
  • I have one save that is just my builds and so I demolished every building in every world and whenever I have the itch to build something new I hop on there to see what lots I still have freed up. Kinda overflowing now though so sometimes I save and demolish my own houses to make new ones!
  • I do miss some of the random deaths. I think I have yet to see a sim actually get electrocuted in the sims 4 and fires are pretty rare too although they do happen. I remember in the sims 2 when my legacy sim was outside and spontaneously combusted on the sidewalk. She was pregnant and died even though her son tried to save…
  • I'm sure someone could do a nice machinama of it!
  • This is my legacy families kitchen. I'm on generation 12 and have been using this family for my let's play since generation 11 started. I LOVE their kitchen since it's got a 360 degree layout AND I managed to fit the cupcake machine in somewhere without it looking odd :)
  • Thank you so much for that! I will check it out!
  • I have windows 10 and have this issue. I have to use another software to make the files MP4 so I can then edit them.
  • This is one of my top wants! I NEED more wedding dresses and it would be pretty cool if maybe they could tweak the wedding party option to include bridesmaids and groomsmen? If not maybe just fix it so people SIT and watch it the way they are supposed to! lol
  • I was excited for Cool Kitchen because kitchens are honestly my favorite room to decorate and my sims spend a lot of time in there ;) BUT that said I was pretty disappointing with the lack of stuff. One new counter option? Pfft.. I was expecting at least 3. I DO like the decorative objects we got and ice cream is better…
  • Twitch hates me.. I can't watch streams much less do them. Could be my internet since we live out in the country. For now I just stick to YouTube!
  • I saw them here as well. I still have my tree from the challenge but for those who don't I'm sure you can find them around somewhere!
  • I scouted out a few lots that I want to turn into restaurants last night in my game. I want at least one in each town and want to give them each a different theme. Willow Creek I plan to turn the nightclub into a sports bar type restaurant. Oasis Springs I'm going to build a diner from scratch where the museum used to be.…
  • I'm hoping for the surprise proposal to make a comeback. I would love some new cakes too since I love to bake in RL! <3
  • It would be helpful to know what recording program you are using? I myself use Fraps, so if you are as well I may be able to help you.
  • Part 9 is out now! See Lilliths First Kiss here!!
  • Yeah for some reason TSM doesn't like Windows 10. I have both through origin (but if you have the disk you can register your product code like they said above ^^) and so I had to uninstall and re-download it. Only thing that sucked was that despite having backed up my game files I had to unlock all the ambitions AGAIN so…
  • Back from being out of town and wanted to post the parts I had queued up before I left.. so here you go! P3:Treating Patients P4:Spring has Sprung P5:Girls Night P6:Bloaty Head Epidemic P7:Bad Romance P8:Hellooo Nurse!
  • Thank you for the input! Sorry it took so long to reply I was out of town and without my computer for a bit. I had to uninstall the sims 3 since it wouldn't load anymore (stupid patches!!) But I want to start making some tutorials for the sims 4. I love to build and love sharing it with others but helping them learn seems…
  • I've been thinking about doing some build tutorials in addition to my speed builds. Do you have any suggestions for what kind of tutorials you like to watch or would like to see? I want to get input on these types of things before I actually sit down to record them!
  • I use Fraps and Sony Movie Studio and Windows Movie Maker for editing. Never tried OBS so wouldn't know how to address that issue.
  • Part 2 of the Scott Legacy LP is up, watch it here... Housewarming
  • That's a little sad to hear but at the same time I know we'll probably see it at some point. My daughter keeps asking me though if it's come out yet because she looooves animals and sims 3 won't work on her laptop :D I am speculating seasons for the next EP. I could be wrong, I mean I have been in the past but I think I've…
  • I was going to say this one does help! But also gardening can be good once they have a high enough skill to talk to plants. I have a sim though who I just bought the incredibly friendly trait which gives her an instant friendship with any sim she introduces herself to. She has a bunch of friends so I just try to have her…
  • It does stink that you can't at least see the other sim at work. I was hoping this might be the case if you had another sim in the world also in the active career that you would get to see them. I do understand that trying to have two controlled sims at work would have probably been hard to program.
  • My poor sims have been getting abducted left and right. My one sim got abducted twice and the second time they finally got him pregnant and he gave birth to twins. The other sim got abducted when he was an elder so I thought he was safe from getting pregnant but NOPE he had a baby girl which is son and his wife took care…
  • I haven't actually been there too much to notice. I thought that lot was going to be a whole lot bigger than it really was so.. I have noticed though whenever you are at certain lots with mountains or other "terrain" around you get some jumping around when switching camera angles.
  • I actually used it as a wedding lot for my sims too. They had their first date there so I thought it would be cute to have them get married there as well. Just added a few things and bam.. it was a really beautiful wedding too :)
  • Bumping for new beginnings!! Been so excited for you all to see this! Please let me know what you think <3

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