• After adopting 6 newborns, Trever is saying goodbye to their first kid! Tessa strides out of the house as a young adult. Honestly, one of the most attractive Sims to have come out of this household.
  • Now that Get Together is out and has interactions for NPCs to ask to move in, to stay over, etc. I'd love to see something base game or pack-compatible like in Seasons having NPCs inviting you to join them for Winterfest, in base game inviting you to visit their home if they have one, etc.
  • Thank you for clarifying, @SimplyJen and @Simmingal! I wasn't aware of the i button. I shouldn't be surprised that my thought on how it worked was so idealistic...
  • I'm so pleased you like them @NRowe! Have fun with them :)
  • After Charley, the next two babies adopted are Trever and Kyra, who took the longest to age up. With Kit nearing elder age, I was really trying to work out who would be the best Guardian to follow them... and look who won out. Trever! Trever is Good, Self-Absorbed, and a Loner, but I also took the time to give them the…
  • Hey NRowe, I made the Larkin family for you! They're a family of three available on the Gallery under 'afoxstail', but here's some more info: The Larkin family moved to San Myshuno to live out Drake's dream of being in the city, shortly after Deon was born. With apartment prices being what they are, Drake invited Scott to…
  • Silvergrove 100 Adopted Babies Challenge I've been posting and scheduling updates to Instagram but here's my progress so far! As a note: the Silvergrove family all use they/them pronouns, though I haven't actually been changing this in CAS, but if I put any of them up on the Gallery then I will. Guardian: Kit Silvergrove…
  • I have an addition for the list! The 100 Adopted Babies Challenge
  • In my rules of a 100 babies challenge, I don't have Growing Together so my rule for infants is that they have to have tried every food in the high chair which is a challenge in itself. I don't envy any of you playing with milestones! Best of luck :)
  • Imprisoned
  • I've only just started properly exploring Character Values. Disappointed to find out that doing the laundry doesn't seem to have an impact on Manners at all :/
  • I usually end up playing with 6+ children. It's funny, I'm child-free personally but I love exploring fictional families, parenting, and generations. My current two games are wild. In one save, my Sim married Lilith Pleasant and they had 8 kids who have then gone on to have 9 or so grandchildren. In my other save, I'm…
  • In my 100 Adopted Babies Challenge, I had set up a club to have my young adult Sims come home and help out with cleaning, cooking, etc... but the oldest of the young adults set the kitchen on fire THREE times so I had to kick them out of the club since I still needed help with the cooking. The oven isn't even that bad!…
  • I'm not super fond of it but a way I could see it work is if they're already in work and then have a job interview to 'transfer' their progress into a new career path. In Sims 3 you used to get pop-ups about changing your job to an equivalent-ish level.
  • Monarchy
  • Nope, I've owned wayyy too many. TSBM has never enslaved Sims to be painting goblins.
  • Never! NHIE made any custom content myself.
  • Hotels like apartments would be such a great complement pack to City Living honestly, and could even come with a mini-vacation world too.
  • (Oops, realised I pressed Next page instead of the last page!) Grudge
  • I haven't used Servo but major support for this, I'm not sure why Servo has to be gendered in the first place so we should definitely be able to change pronouns for them!
  • I neeeed a pottery pack. It would go so well with woodworking and I think we need more creative hobbies personally, whenever I have a child high in creativity I always get stuck with what to do for their hobbies other than painting/drawing. I'd also love an adult-child pottery interaction too, it would work well with…
  • I would love to see some more living room furniture that could be interacted with or have more shelving space. Like the hutches, if we could store things in there, or like Ikea cube shelves like the cubbies but so we can add clutter to them.
  • I'm interested in Sims 5 but we know basically nothing about it and I'm really happy with where Sims 4 is at (improvements to be made, always, but it's the best game I've played so far and I could easily see myself playing it for another decade), so I'm most excited for Paralives! I intend to play both Sims 4 and Paralives…
  • Hi all! I'm A Fox's Tail, or Fox, I've been a long-term Sims fan, one of my earliest Sims-related memories involve playing Sims Bustin' Out and Urbz: Sims in the City (mainly the mixology mini-game and of course... stage performances). I've been playing Sims 4 pretty much since it came out but I've only recently started…

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