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  • OH MY CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE TINY LIVING PACK???!! I was so excited for this and then once I got the pack, was mad that it had next to NOTHING to offer and real tiny living solution ideas were not applied. And why would they even include and clothing or hairstyle options?? This was absolutely a waste…
  • YES PLEASE!! We already have lingerie, but going full on with a pack would be amazing!! I say another pack because there are children who play this game and parents should have control on how 'naughty' their game play is. But also do not see this being super naughty but matching couples pajamas!! PAJAMA PARTIESSSS,…
  • YES a summer cabin and such would be AMAZING! Mountains and hiking trails, as if you were living out 'in the sticks' and have mud fights and a water trough tub, and no cell service in some parts of the map. Also, underwater in island living would be PERFECT for an alien society!! I get it, strangeville is loosely based on…
  • I would LOVE for them to look at all the styles running around today and watching what people are wearing in public. More options for booties, thigh high boots that are form fitting and not chunky. Also some more options for skinny jeans and stylish shorts. More appealing tank tops is a MUST along with lingerie!! Just go…
  • I also forgot to add, a farmhouse sink with the industrial like faucet!! And the 'infinity' countertop island bars if anyone knows what I am talking about.
  • THIS. I get it, infants dont do much but there is a really large amount of learning opportunities from infant to toddler. And making a real nursery with changing tables and dressing babies in onesies would be so fun!
  • Let's not forget about the cheer outfits for the kids🤣
  • If we could get sectionals- like fluffy ones and throw pillows and blankets that would be AWESOME!! Along with that, more stylish clothing. Like what people are wearing today (not the flashbacks with puffy coats) but more booties, skinny Jean's, and maybe some simple short necklaces would go such a long way. And yesss a…
  • Bring back our color wheel!!!!🤗🤗🤗 I attempted to get back into playing 3 and it just was so frustrating. I would absolutely love to have my house match with the specific furnature I want along with the clothes all being the right color😭😭
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