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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 2020. I'm not on the forum often enough to make sure I catch everyone. So I'm getting in early. :D
  • @EuphorialQueen I can't afford to replace the laptop so I've got games on an external drive (not recommended, I know), automatic Windoze updates off, and sleep "never" so I'm hoping it won't restart unexpectedly! :D
  • I love this challenge so much I'm about to begin for the third time. I completed the starter challenge then went on to Paid the Bills and completed those successfully. Began again and went on to Did Not Pay the Bills. Which I didn't complete successfully - somehow I lost all six cow plants at once! Third time lucky, right?…
  • Happy birthday to everyone I've missed. This year has gone so fast. My laptop decided to spit the dummy too and only loads a temp profile when I boot up so it's taken me a while to decide to import bookmarks and just not turn it off. Have a great day everyone.
  • @sawdust @uo_aaronjd I have been so busy with the grandchild I've not been on Elder Scrolls much. Nor Sims for that matter. Or any kind of gaming really. I've still not tried Strangeville. I did have some good times with Sims 3 but it seems like such a long time ago and I can't make a comparison. So many fun packs and…
  • Happy birthday fellow February birthdays! And thank you for the birthday wishes. I veged on the couch and soaked up as many episodes of The Umbrella Academy as I could.
  • Happy birthday @February11 and @SimSwim2 I hope you have both had magnificent days.
  • Happy birthday @Figwit. Hope it's all you wish for.
  • Happy belated birthday @HIstoricgal. Hope you had a brilliant day. :)
  • Happy birthday @Pebblycat! Hope today brings you all the joy and lots of time for simming.
  • I apologise - I keep forgetting to check the forums and I keep missing birthdays. A very belated and happy birthday to anyone I've missed since I last looked. Here's hoping you've all had awesome days. I hope to remember to keep a better eye out in 2019. But then again, I'm getting older so that might just be a bit of a…
  • Late to the party as always! Happy New Year and a bloody brilliant 2019 to everyone. :)
  • I've missed so many birthdays! Hope everyone had an awesome birthday for the ones I've missed. I'm not on as much as I probably should be so will be likely to miss a lot more. :D
  • I did my update today (14th) but haven't played with the terrain tools yet. Haven't decided if I want to mod an existing lot or start from scratch. I didn't see the Cup on the 6th. I was working that afternoon, setting up to hand out wrist bands at the Taylor Swift concert that night. I didn't even have to sit through the…
  • Yeah, I expanded the length of my seasons to 28 days. I have made customised holidays before too. It's fun. I just hadn't noticed the birthdays before so thought they were part of the latest update.
  • I've just clicked on the Household Calendar and suddenly I see "Birthdays". I've not noticed that before. Is it new?? Does anyone know if they can be edited? Seasons, in all its autonomous glory, had decided my triplet Sims have birthdays on different days.
  • Oh that sounds divine! I haven't seen the ice cream but I love the Whitakers chocolate. It's becoming scarce in the big supermarkets - Woolworths and Coles - it seems. The range is becoming less of the blocks but they've expanded the artisan range a little. At a most exorbitant price!
  • This looks like fun but, alas, I am so very unskilled. I'd be interested in looking at the Kris Kringle build.
  • I have one Origin friend who also plays Sims but we never seem to be on at the same time so I've never actually used it.
  • I've not heard of Australian Gothic. What is it?
  • Happy birthday to the September Simmers. I'm sure I've missed plenty. :)
  • Is that the store? There are a couple of Kiwi Fish and Chips stores on the Gold Coast and surrounds. I think I've eaten from there - room mate left me what they couldn't eat after I finished work late. They weren't bad. Plenty of chips and large fillets. :)
  • Happy birthday to the August simmers! It's been a while since I've been by.
  • Yes! I love both these songs. Who Can It Be Now is so very relevant even though I don't have that kind of mental health issue. I just hate people coming to my door. :D I had only mentioned Down Under as someone was trying to reference the song but didn't know what it was.
  • I'm over in Qld so have been pretty lucky with no wild weather so far. Good luck to all with a hot dry summer coming up.
  • Sounds rough. Get through okay?
  • Happy birthday to July Sims and August Sims! :D
  • @aussiekarima I've been checking the lots in both game mode and build mode and still can't find any decorations box. What I am finding though is random skate/roller rinks in unexpected places on non playable lots! I'm not running any mods at all, only CC. :)
    in Seasons!! Comment by Tatts65 July 2018
  • So many great builds! :)
  • I'll keep an eye out. The season should be over as we've now transitioned into Winter though the Harvest Fest decorations are still there. Random things show up in inventory so I'll just check every so often. :)
    in Seasons!! Comment by Tatts65 July 2018

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