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  • And.... Paralives continues to look better and better.
  • Have you all seen the latest sneak peek of Paralives? Zip-lining, jumping into a swimming pool from the roof of a house, taking off one's shoes when going inside, and tipping a book on a bookcase to open a sliding door into a secret room. All this plus pets, seasons, and weather in the base game. Hear that, EA? THE BASE…
  • TS5 could be better if they listen to fans and put in all those features listed -- the best parts of TS2 + TS3, have pets and seasons in the base game (like Paralives is going to do), and stop making the graphics look like a shiny Disney Princess game for 6-year-olds.
  • Hate to break it to you, but this many years in and it's not fixed? It will never be fixed.
  • Um, that is basically the definition of trying to reinvent the wheel -- doing the same thing over and over without being innovative.
  • I've lost faith in EA to create a worthy successor to TS, TS2, and TS3. Paralives, baby!! It's looking AMAZING.
  • EA needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel with every iteration of the Sims. You know the drill: bug-filled base game with very few features, taking literally YEARS to add seasons, weather, pets, and so on. I have very little faith that TS5 will be worth buying, so really what EA can do for me is wave goodbye as I play…
  • With Paralives coming out, no, I don't need TS5. And until Paralives is released, I'm content playing TS3, not the travesty that is TS4.
  • 1. Open world with large neighborhoods 2. Seasons, weather, and pets in base game 3. More realistic traits and emotions for Sims, not the glassy-eyed dumb grins all the time 4. Modern graphics, not so cartoonish and flat
  • Paralives is still in early development and I have confidence that the final Parafolk will look more polished and more realistic. TS4 looked like a cheap phone game when it was released and as far as I'm concerned, all these years later, it still does.
  • Pure speculation, but maybe there will be different editions of Paralives at launch. I know that if The Sims games had launched with more things (pets and seasons are the biggies), I would have paid more for a "deluxe" edition. Sick of waiting years for EA to add those things -- they keep trying to re-invent the wheel…
  • The alpha graphics were awful (duh, alpha). Now it looks stunning -- check out the "Maggie's Loft" video posted above. Graphics are fantastic and there are so many amazing details. Maggie's shadow has more personality than complete Sims. EA's probably wishing they'd tried to get TS5 developed and released a whole lot…
  • A big, open world. Big. Biggy McBigBig. Dump the emotion system in TS4 and the cheesy sparkly graphics. Pets in the base game (yeah, not gonna happen). 2020 graphics, not 1999 cheap-looking cartoons. More family interactions.
  • The key word here being "dragging." It's time for TS4 to fade into the sunset and for something new and better. For those who say "But it isn't finished yet!," when was ANY Sims game ever truly finished? It's never finished.
  • Didn't vote, but I would like TS5 to be the best of TS2 plus the best of TS3, with updated graphics and better routing. There is nothing about TS4 I'd like to see in TS5. Also, single-player only, or ability for MP to be only an option, not forced.
  • This "celebration" pretty much encapsulates everything wrong with EA and the franchise in the last five years. Totally tone-deaf.
  • No TS5 for me if it's multiplayer. TS5 has to have big neighborhoods like TS3 and not be the glittery tweener paradise that is TS4, which I tried, hated, and didn't buy. Honestly, at this point I have little to no faith in EA to make another great Sims game. I've got my eye (and my money) on Paralives.
  • Wow, that's a left-handed compliment if ever I heard one, basically "The game was junk, but hey! Let's throw more money at it!" SMH I'm ready for TS5 if it's a complete reboot and not the usual "Bland base game, put up with unfixed bugs, wait 5 years for pets, and so on." This game needs serious competition so badly.
  • No, because I want EA to keep its hands off my game now. Anything they add would mess it up the way they've totally borked TS4. There's so much third-party content that I don't need EA to meddle with TS3. I really hope the next good human simulation game is from a different company. EA has dropped the ball and needs…
  • And how do you know I'm not part First Nations or Native American? You don't. The attitude of "Waaah, if others can have items, why can't I?" sounds like 3-year-old. lol Edited to add: please note that I said in my earlier comment that SOME items are sacred, not all. It varies among tribes and individual indigenous, so…
  • Some Native American and First Nations items are considered sacred and are not to be portrayed in such a trivial manner. This game is already too "Disney Princess" for words -- don't make it even worse and more offensive.
  • Define "most." Have you surveyed every single TS3 player? Go look at the extremely active and mostly positive TS3 threads in this forum. The "What happened in your Sims 3 game today?" thread has over 3600 posts, and is filled with fun comments and tons of awesome screenshots. It's a vibrant community.
  • I haven't posted on this thread in ages, although I've been playing TS3 steadily. I want to thank someone from this forum for the great idea of resurrecting a bunch of legacy-type Sims in the game. Here's what I did: started a new game in Sunset Valley. Used Master Controller mod to annihilate most of the existing Sims,…
  • Love love love TS3 and I remember the weekend I got it. My husband literally went away for the weekend, camping. All I did was play Sims and snack! Amazing how much better a 10-year-old game still is compared to the travesty that is TS4.
  • This is twisting the stats. Maybe 7 million downloads. But how many of those -- raises hand -- saw how awful it still was and uninstalled it the same day?
  • Probably because this included the free base game download. Duh. I dl'ed it too, hoping it was better than years ago. It wasn't, so I quickly uninstalled it. But you do you, EA.
  • [quote="JoAnne65;c-17183590" Isn’t that because they gave away the game for free for a while? EA going awesome doesn’t equal us going awesome. You’re actually not contradicting what @Felicity said (“I also think they'll keep Sims 4 going for as long as possible as DLCs are cheap to make and super profitable, and games are…
  • Not in my Sims 3 game. Runs great and always has. Invalid argument for why so many of us hate TS4.

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