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Why you do this to me sofa?? D=


  • When I was little my grandma used to knit all the children sweaters with fun characters on them like simba or other disney characters! Also big chunky socks! It would be awesome if it was possible to knit voidcritter themed sweaters and really big chunky socks that actually has a mesh not just a texture
  • @rosemow @Bananas_45 Thank you! <3 <3 <3
  • I made the Cats & Dogs sofa fit into the the laundry day window and it is fully functional and comes in the original swatches + 20 solid ones! Download:
  • Oh I have never made poses for children or toddler only grown ups and a dog ^-^ But I am still happy you thought of me =D
  • Hmm maybe you have an outdated poseplayer? Posing is not really my area of expertise :)
  • Thank you! ^///^ <3 I actually made the with seasons in mind =D
  • Simguru Grant gave us some fun gifs to "make up" for the lack of snow depth... that doesn't help atall ;__;
  • This is just a prettily set up lot with everything nicely framed but it still looks jarring that everthing is flat and I'm shocked no one seems to be talking about the bushes?? Like leaves die in winter they don't stay a vibrant green =/ Also this is probably how winter will look most of the time since it won't be set up…
  • I'm back with two new pieces of cc! Two garden sheds made with the jungle adventure arbour! So they are fully functional ( but sims walk through the walls ) and won't be affected by the foundations! Yaaay! =D They come in different colours and open and deluxe version! ^-^ Here is the post with all the information and link…
  • I'm pretty sure they won't make a pack for builders because they want everyone to have the new things for building! But they are atleast starting to get going with the build stuff and there is even talk about making the elevators functional with a hypothetical sims in wheelchairs update
  • I made a video talking about my concerns with the snow >///< I'm kind of scared going on tumblr now because most of the community there hates on people complaining about the snow ;__;
  • Awww thank you you are soo sweet! :'( <3
  • thank you and sorry I don't make alpha cc
  • You are very welcome ^-^ <3
  • Thank you! <3
  • I got a request from @Bananas_45 to make Jughead Jones beanie from Riverdale and this is how it turned out!
  • @StaticSim Thank you! =D I had to look up what lincoln logs is but they look like so much fun! *___* @BMSO Thank you! ^-^ <3
  • Thank you for always leaving such wonderful comments! <3
  • I wanted the Ornate Jungle adventure balcony bigger so I made it double size. You can use a piece of flooring where you want the balcony and put it there and then the sims can actually use it It comes in all ea swatches and can be found here:…
  • A construction set made from the Jungle adventure Arbor. It comes in all Ea swatches and have 8 different pieces The floating pieces can be walked under and the ones in the ground need moveobjects to be placed and can be put on any height with the 0 and 9 key. ( can not be walked through ) Can be found here:…
  • I honestly don't remember where but there was a tutorial I read at some point in time >///< But basicly you open sims4studio Choose create 3dmesh under CAS Choose the thing you want to convert Go to Categories Under Age & Gender you click the age or gender you want to convert it to so the sims changes to that in the…
  • Thank you <3 <3 <3
  • The moment I saw the two explorer type hats from jungle adventure I knew I needed them for children and since I didn't see anyone make them yet I did myself! If you want the you can get them here~
  • @Emma0708000 @rosemow Thank you aaaah I'm super happy you like them <3 <3 <3
  • Wooow I'm active sometimes! ^-^ I made a quick edit of the laundry day 6 seated table to have 4 legs today and here it is and you can it here!
  • I forgot to show these Legwarmers here! D= These was actually done months ago but I forgot to upload them.. oops xD You can get them here ^-^
  • Hi hello sorry to bother everyone again but I made a punching "bag" that fits the prehistoric era C=
  • This looks great as always! <3 *___*

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