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  • Shocking addition, won't be updating or playing till this is gone. Can't think of anything more immersion breaking than a blinking icon! Bad enough in any game but in one that is supposed to be an immersive make believe world it's a deal breaker. Do they even understand how their own game works?
  • I'm another big fan of the Spice district, it's one of my favourites for starting sims out in life. Don't use other parts of the city much though, they were always disappointing to me sort of weirdly futuristic. It will still have a place in my game.
  • I really don't understand these tiny lots. I wanted some apartments centred around a pool, perhaps a communal garden or basketball court. Certainly they can be made in other worlds, but you'd think they'd fit in this EP. Also that top right hand corner. So much painted in backdrop, why no useable lot in that section?
  • I refuse to install Seasons. It's a favourite with most people but I just don't want endless days of rain or snow for that matter. It wasn't well done in previous games and didn't want to repeat that. My Wedding Stories. Still broken from what I can see, though Tartosa looks nice. Discover University, don't have that and…
  • @Amapola76 Oh I wish I were too young, lol. Best decade.
  • Henford or a few parts of Windenburg, the area near the gym and nightclub wouldn't be possible. Honestly I just want a world like sims3 Dragon Valley. With all the painted in fake houses it's just not possible anymore to make a truly historical save and it's getting worse with each world they bring out.
  • Totally 80's! Love it, will get a lot of use from this one.
  • @LeucosiaX Yes! With ring cameras on the door!
  • Agree, have run into this issue. I recently had 2 very happy marriages break up when both wives began heavily flirting with their female friends, they were not exploring or even into same sex so it felt bugged or that something wasn't working. Those households turned on their heads overnight. I may be misunderstanding the…
  • @PandoraTO I'm a hopeless builder and very much rely on the gallery. I keep a list of builders I like and also refer back to my library to find those I've enjoyed, so please keep building! I'm still very much on the fence regarding this pack and will wait to see gameplay and hear feedback. If there's no lag or terrible…
  • Beautiful looking world, personally I'd use it for vacations and find the rental theme odd. Hotels would have made this a must buy but the landlord aspect leaves me cold.
  • It is a bit tricky, haven't managed with my sim to make anything less than normal it's usually excellent quality. I'm going to try on a really cheap stove that hasn't been cleaned, get her needs really low and see what happens.
  • Great gameplay, only a couple of things pull it down. The swatches are all a bit "samey" very muted, would have been nice to have had some brighter options. When running a stall on a home lot have found that customers aren't keen to leave, in fact they've been hanging around in the garden chatting long after the sale is…
  • Started a new save last night and the freezing issue is gone. I don't own Growing together so it wasn't stayovers causing it in my game, but could just have been a too bloated old save. Don't have the MCCC mod either.
  • @RedDestiny92 I've spotted a few sims putting down a lunch bag after making a purchase, it surprised me too it's a realistic touch that some would take their goods in a bag Started a new save in Henford and my sim seems to be making the most money from her homemade jams. 55 simoleans a jar seems pricey to me but she sold…
  • Interesting, I've seen a lot of freezes since the update too but had put it down to this being an old save file that's maybe too big. It's not just in the gym but happening for me in the cafe and library, basically where a few sims are gathered.
  • It's surprisingly good fun setting up your own bake sale, really enjoying this so far. Curious about weight gain in townie sims, they're buying and eating so many cupcakes and pizza, wonder if it will have an affect.
  • Picked up immediately, it wouldn't have been my choice of theme but I was just so glad to see the return of stuff packs I wanted to support it.
  • I just bought it on the EA App yesterday. Couldn't believe it was there and it's working trouble free on Windows 10. Bargain at £10 and that includes the Pirates add on. Really missed this game, haven't been able to play it in years as it had gone from my origin library.
  • Oh gosh this is what's happening to one of mine! Hope they patch it as I want to see the little cutie not have it smothered in a cloud.
  • I always gravitate back to Oasis Springs and Windenburg. I like big worlds for families. Plenty room to fit in parks, public pool, a cafe or restaurant and still have a nightclub and library. I do like the other worlds but always run out of space.
  • Finding them quite the challenge. But that's a good thing, it livens up the game. They're also adorable. Is anyone else experiencing getting triplets and twins? I've seen more born in the last 2 days than in 2 years, this can't be coincidence. Did they tweak it to make them more likely? One of mine has an annoying glitch…
  • This is a shocking situation and others are reporting similar, bought and paid for but not showing as playable. If you bought using a credit card contact your bank and get a charge back. If all else fails take it to the press, kick up a stink.
  • I stopped giving my sims bikes age ago, they always hop onto them inside a house or community lot to leave. I suspect this is why we still don't have cars.
  • I'll never get over how they managed to make a world supposedly based on San Francisco yet totally left out the "painted ladies" houses. Nothing about this place says San Fran to me but maybe I'm just a clueless European. And way too much wasted space as per usual. The trait/ attraction system is a problem too. It's very…
  • @alanmichael1 For the 2 factor verification it may work correctly if you buy directly from the EA Sims site, this is what I'll probably do as I just know the App won't display that pop up and it'll go wrong for me. I suspect the site may be more secure.
  • There are so many errors with this EA App it is putting me off purchasing on the App, if it's this buggy I don't trust it with my card details.
  • Oh my! Well I had to abandon my sim who had triplets (she already had a toddler) it was the most overwhelming experience I've ever had playing this game. These little dudes are hard work. So my explorer sim had a baby and this was much easier. One of the cutest things is the sucking thumb, along with grabbing toes, that's…
  • Well I finally got in and the patch downloaded. Good luck everyone, this has been stressful. My sim who was pregnant gave birth ... to triplets!! Have never had that in the game before and the house isn't on a ley line. Talk about in at the deep end and she already had a toddler. Honestly might switch to another house to…
  • Still unable to log in and think I'll just stop trying now, really don't like like the sound of people's games not being in the library. We should have guessed this wouldn't go to plan.

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