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Hi Everybody! Sims was an addiction for my bff and I heard about it for years, then got involved with the mobile playtest. I love how you can do everything from model a character (are we ever going to get cosplay style stuff so we can do MMORPG characters?) to replicating yourself. Right now we're hung up on customizability but it's a ridic fun experience. :)


  • Beautiful pic, thanks for sharing!
  • That would be awesome! They add a great element for any game, I was always so disappointed when they paired with a particular character, and the AI wouldn't be too different. Loved the cats in Sims (3?), it was so cute they could bring you presents.
  • I asked a friend of mine who was a Sims addict to try it with me and she said she needed more options. I guess there's just too little free play. I thought the interface being ridic convenient would make up for it but she wants mods and fast cash - I'm the opposite. I want to always be able to grind and keep my no pay…
  • How do you guys time manage? LOL, I'm starving for three sims, didn't let one retire and I'm trying to get him married to the other one and I'm swamped.
  • I'd like to see the EconoLodge in Sims for PC, but that will probably be a lot of locations, I don't like how it feels like they can't travel by driving (or by plane). I'm so used to scroll options, that total fast travel feels disjointed. I guess we just don't have one game players like we used to, most people play four…
  • I did curtains for an archway. Love the update. I wish there was a way to make a catalogue so that we could have more options but a nested style wouldn't work so it really does have to be the "conveyer belt". :( It's like the vending machine of layout choices, it kills their idea with the product lines.
  • I'm shocked that more people don't use streamers for promotion, a lot of them will do it for a key for a new launch or for a first look. New stuff is the literal best for most gamers. I love GTA online for the simulation/is this real life? look and feel - Sims would def do well if they can tell a good story.
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