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  • They add a few swatches every now and then. But yeah, they defiantly need more. Asking for more specific things might see better results.
  • Insane has always had a negative connotation. Insanity is to mentally ill like emaciated is to slim. Although they both mean the same thing, one is more extreme and seen as more of a negative thing.
  • Because it's much easier to make furniture and clothing than rain. Plus it would most likely be an entire EP, which means they would have to make tons of other stuff too.
  • Maybe it's a work outfit or something?
  • First off, Luxury Party was just released, it would be even more of a plum move if they put it on sale so soon. And both the main games are are $50 off, that's $35 for Deluxe and $30 for regular. I honestly can't think of any company that has a sale for something whiten a month that it's released and that gives anything…
  • I really want OR and was really hoping for a 50% off sale :C Should I get it at $15 or wait even longer till it's $10?
  • They aren't really "worlds" more like neighboring towns which I don't mind. I like keeping all my sims in one big world.
  • Because it's not a real job, it's more like a service. Being a gardener would be boring honestly because community gardeners just water plants, that's it. You can already be a gardener if you want anyways, you should be able to make enough money from just gardening.
  • Map view is pretty lame, but you barely spend anytime there so I don't think it matters.
  • The point of Newcrest was to give players more room to build.
  • They don't look that bad from far away. They're supposed to be constantly in motion. They aren't supposed to be zoomed in and looked at or have their picture taken.
  • Hmmm, maybe EA finally hired a communications team for The Sims. About time.
  • I feel like it might just be the skin color.
  • I like most of the other items actually... The one prenium item isn't what I'm after. It's still overpriced ofc but it's a good deal when it's on sale.
  • Almost everything EA sells is overpriced, but this isn't that bad for them. It's still overpriced but it could have been much worse. I personally wouldn't spend more than $5 for it. The sale price should be the normal price, fortunately however, their sale's are that rare.
  • Walls, someone makes then swim when they're at the lowest level of exhaustion. Sometimes they get stuck.
  • Because some people might not want to create their on world? It would like giving us a burger and then giving us the tools to make dinner later.
  • If you were pleased with it, then why complain? There's defiantly more stuff needed, and if all you're doing is asking for more stuff like "thanks for lots, but we need toddlers now" that's fine. I should have been more specific in my post that it's the people that are saying "no one asked for it, this is a waste of…
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • Did you not read my edit, this isn't a generalizing statement? I just said that this does not apply to anyone that did not ask for more lots originally. If all you asked for toddlers, than fine. You asked for something, you didn't get it this update, you should continue to ask.
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • You got more lots, and more space to build. You never asked for a completely new and different world. EA can't read people's mind. The main complaint was about the lack of lots, not the diversity in worlds.
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • I don't understand the point of this post and how it relates to anything. I never said anyone has to like the game or even saying that the game is good. I'm just asking people not to complain about things that they themselves asked for.
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • There's still a difference between "thanks, but we still need more, there's ...." and "🐸🐸🐸🐸 EA so stupid, no one wants lots, just another stupid move from the company" or "EA has literally done nothing the players wanted".
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • You're right, my statement is targeted towards very specific group. People are just taking it as a general "you shouldn't complain because it's free/ You should be greatful/ etc..." which isn't the point I'm trying to make at all. I'm not trying to apply it towards everyone that is complaining. Like I said in my edit, this…
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • It's kind of unfair blaming EA for not catering to your personal needs. You don't have to like it, but understand others do. But yeah, at the end of the day, all that matters is yourself. You're right. But I still don't see the point of including it in a list of complaints about the game and complaining that it wasn't what…
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • That's true and understandable. But they're still doing more then some people But what makes your personal preferences more important than other people's? Also, I though Sims that lived in lots couldn't be culled, or is this something new?
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
  • In that case, I still don't see the point of requesting something/ yelling at EA because they don't have it and then saying that they wanted something else instead. If you don't want it, don't ask for it. Priority would be ideal, but it's difficult to prioritize when so many people are asking for different things. Some…
    in Deleted Comment by RoyaiChaos June 2015
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