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A bad day for my Sims I have not visited Del Sol Valley for quit a while where I keep my famous Sims; Mr Bean, Basil Fawlty, Marilyn Mondieu and Douglas Fairbanks but since it was time for a Sims new year I thought wath better place to getting it over with?! As soon as I started the game my Sims complained about the bad air around the ridicoulus expensive lot. Apparently the bad air from ECO lifestyle had spread. Before I had a chance to make a plane to deal with the situation, Douglas Fairbanks set himself on fire! Mr Bean called the fire department who after long last put him out just before he got up in flames. Now I should be able to rectify the situation although every Sim being tense. I would be able to deal with the upcoming new year and the bad air from Evergreen Harbour. But then one of the firemen set herself on fire, and before Douglas Fairbanks put out the fire one of my Sims called the fire department. When they arrived there was no fire to put out so my Sims got a bill.


  • In the beginning of me playing Sims 4 with little knowledge of the game, I created characters very carefully from my comic "Lila DeLila" and moved them in to one of the cheaper appartments in San Mushino, where there is a balcoony with a grill. It took about 20 seconds for one of my carefully created charcters to die in a…
  • It is also irritating with these neighbourhood stories. In another save I went back to the horse owner who died in the mention saved. Now she was pregnant and gave birth to twins and she also had the horse to take care of. So I tracked the father; Alexander Goth who of course did know the horse owner. So I had to cheat the…
  • It can be fatal for unplayed Sims when one visits their household since they often lack cooking skill so its not that unusual that the Sims you are visiting gets killed cooking. I had such an incident a while back when my Sims visited a household to get political support. The single parent died and left two orphan…
  • Yes it was another household, about that I wonder if an unplayed horseowning Sim ever ride its horse. When my Sim borrowed the Sims horse which she did on multiple occations, the horse owner never interacted with the horse.
  • Sorry I forgot I posted this thread, what happends is that the horse get adopted by another household, but funny enough your horse riding Sim cna go to the dead Sims household and more or less use it as it own. Sleep in the beds, shower and cook its meals
  • Yes and the owner isn't in anyway stingy about like if you try to sleep in their bed or cook a meal. It is perfect for my Sim since her lot don't have place for a horse and they neither have the time to take care of a horse
  • What is positive is that you can go to a lot and borrow their horse without the lot owner getting all possesive. So my Sim can have her equestrian needs met without owning a horse and reside in Willow Creek. It cost her 500 simolians which she gift the horse owner.
  • Ingmar Bergman once said to make a western you have to men entering a saloon, a dog sits outside the saloon. The first man pets the dog the other one kicks the dog then you get a western drama. So I wouldlike to play ot that scenario with sims 4
  • I can see this going horribly wrong, as humans we can empathize with all sorts of creatures and giving an simulated character a personality, the ability to evolve and becoming more like a real person with an unique personality and then sending them out to die on a battle scene or put them in situation that would be…
  • It is not only that it is to childish they also go to the lebgth of nerf content that may offend someone, content that may have been a selling point for the pack
  • One of the Sims great selling points are the Sims themselves, how well their feelings are animated and the charm of the Sims. Life By You's characters in the latest video lacked all of wht makes the Sims so special.
  • I wonder if a Sim is able to borrow another households horse?! Sims have a very negative reaction to other sims using their stoves, beds and showers would this also include their horse. Take the Sims who live in an appartment in the big city, it hard enough to have a dog in San Myshino a horse I imagen would be near…
  • I wonder how quickly this pack will be repetative and boring. I imagen that riding around on a horse will not be much different tehn riding a bike following the same route everytime. I do hope there will be a possibilty to create a riding school where I can send my Sims to fulfill their equestrian needs without having to…
  • I need to see reviews for this EP and see if this EP provide any form of interesting game play before I decide
  • I suspect horses will be a blend between dogs and bikes. A minimum demand is that unexperienced riders will be thrown from the horse back.
  • What I fear with horses is that they will work exactly like johhing or riding a bike. Everytime you go riding it will follow exactly the same trail. It was fun the first time to follow mySim the first couple of time they rode around on the bike. But now if I want to cheer up a Sim I just send it away on its own on the bike…
  • I double up on them, cheat up their wealth, make them very famous so they don't talk to ordinary Sims and when I play them there is a battle for the succession!
  • No this is city living households who thinks they will be eaten by wolves if they leave the "big" city!
  • I have Sims who never leave San Myshuno
  • Not to mention the water slide it is a certain death
  • Carl's gameplay mod showed there is lot of improvement to be made in Dine Out, I would also although is one oif my favorite packs like to see City Living improve even further.
  • One thing the Sims has going for them is the Sims, they have charm, quirks and some form of unique personality. I haven't seen the characters from Life By You in action and interaction to be able to form an opinion about them. The Sims 4 has a drawback in at it's VERY sandboxy amd that it avoids most sorts of drama
  • Same for me Gothic and Medieval even though I loke the futuristic building
  • Well a plus side with raging wolvies is that the household members really improve their handiness skill whilst repairing stuff. Love those wolvies!
  • Rien: Oh yes my irresponsible brother and my very clingy sister What is your favorite passtime
  • Well as one who has only bought two Kits, but own all the other packs the problem becomes the gallery. If a character is dressed up with a certain KIT there is no idea to download it. The same gor for Lots that include a lot of kits and maybe that is a selling point for EA
  • I absolutely believe Sims 4 needs more drama and by the above mentioned suggestions I think "sink holes" would provide the best game play
  • Unique kits, if EA don't start selling old kits under a new name they have to be unique. As far as feeling the home selling argument, at least my Sims like it best at home. Outside they get hungry, tired and on vacation homesick. I can't see what kit can bring that make Sims feel more comfortable at home. This is nothing I…
  • I completly agree with Sarah26Cat, EA needs to improve to face the competition. To me this last EP was to most part misspent money. I don't see any major effect when I play the household with no infants. I am looking forward to what "Life by You" will bring
  • So my Wolvie sims had a pup?! It causes a bit of a problem since I play rotational over all four Wolvie lots so I guess it will take some time to get back to the other lots but I want to see how a Wolvie newborn develops. But in the future I don't know, having three lifestages, newborn, infant and then toddlers is kind of…

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