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  • I will say I rate this game from an 'okay,' to a 'meh,' to 'dislike,' then finally back up to 'okay' again. Despite toddlers, it's still The Sims 4. Same problems as before, still boring game play once toddlers are aged up, but at least maids are properly working in my game...finally. If they added more interactions and…
  • Okay, suddenly I have an urge to share what's been bothering me about The Sims 4...I love the toddlers. They are low maintenance, have multiple interactions, I love it when they throw tantrums (cute when they yell to the air!), and are so darn adorable! However, behind the rugrats is the Sims 4. I still play with the base…
  • Yes and it's actually quite easy once I got the hang of it. First, I made them rich :D Next I built a simple single story home-just a generic rectangular home with two bedrooms-one for mom and one for the babies. Don't want the babes climbing up and down stairs-it takes forever! Then I bought the most expensive and…
  • That is too cute <3
  • Yep. Glad my hysterical coaster has come down! Now, I can actually type! I'm jumping between at least three other forums at the moment, and some simmers are saying the same exact things you are saying. It's just too late for some-and part of me says, me too. I completely agree that the game is still pretty buggy. One…
  • I've always wanted this in The Sims. Seriously, why does EA have to play with my emotions? I'm getting stuff that I've always wanted today... maybe I will get at least a million dollars, USD, too *crosses fingers really hard*
  • I didn't think it was possible...I will gladly eat the humble pie and apologize for my attitude. Well played, EA, well played. Got me on an emotional roller coaster from loathing you, to having a vendetta, to hopelessness, to the zagadoos, to laughing, to crying, to feeling absolutely numb. Well played. I'm speechless,…
  • I can't stop crying. I can't say what I want to say because the tears keep coming :'(
  • So, I can't keep my tears away literally *sniffles* Thank you to everyone who stood up for a lot of the community who wanted our babes back. Thank you to @sparkfairy1 for creating this thread and being the awesome leader she could be...okay, these water works need to stop. My emoshuns, err, emotions are running high. Thank…
  • One of the reasons I don't care for youtubers, in general, is because I'm out growing them. Another reason is from the youtubers I've watched, their gameplays are basically the same. If I watched one, then I've watched them all. The sims look different and people play different (sort of) but with the game's limitations,…
  • Welp, Curtis didn't blur out op's username in his latest video, now what?
  • I'm sorry this happened to you, and over, what seems like petty drama. I hope this is all resolved in a swift and professional manner.
  • Yes my dear! *hands blueberry and as a bonus, a cookie of your choice oh and a drink of your choice* This whole thread has been bananas! :/
  • WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! I just GOT to the Sims Community LANK! Let me catch up! Someone TAG me next time something like this happens! What in the WORLD?! :s
  • Man! More shocking news! I thought VIP was down with EA? People are getting sick and tired...I do feel bad for Drake. I got second hand embarrassment from reading this. This is NOT a good month for popular figures, period. Guess I'll pass out internet cupcakes and try to keep some peace *passes them out*
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, let me correct you there. I currently play TS2, and I can build my own apartments using a special cheat, "changelotzoning apartmentbase." I never once used the pre-made apartments. Even though I have to use a cheat, I still have the freedom to create just about any type of apartment.
  • I'll go back and read this discussion later. But WOW! Oh mah goodness, boo! I cannot believe she's leaving! I thought she would be sticking around to the very end! WOW! I literally have a headache now from first reading the news THEN becoming light-headed! WOW! First, some TS4 fans (ya know, those who still enjoy it) were…
  • Wait, did anyone read the last 3 paragraphs??? Oh okay, nvm. I thought I was going crazy for a sec. Yea, that toddler was just for the CEO, not an actual rugrat for the game.
  • All day every day! I'm a greedy gut! Have you ever rode on an elephant before?
  • Do I want it to end??? Part of me says yea since things have not gotten better, for at least half of the community, and many have fears and concerns for a franchise we all love. But that would be selfish of me. So, I'll just keep swimming around the forum until something interesting happens from EA.
  • I want to soooo badly. Maybe in the future I'll get the game again :)
  • Keep being persistent, make sure you have a case of a ep, sp, or game you've purchased before (although, some have gotten away without having any of that), throw in some, "It's not fair that other people still get the UC and I'm left out. I'm such a huge faaaaan." (that worked for me the second time), and never give up!

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