• The top of my list would be better modding support and getting together with communities like Steam Workshop. With the Steam Workshop modded content is easy to find and use and installs automatically with the click of a button. Modding in SIMS4 is a Hot mess. Nothing is standardized and modded content is often hosted on…
  • 1980s arcades sounds cool. A place for teens to hangout at the mall.
  • What can be done to "Fix" the Sims 4? How about larger families. Instead of 8 make it 12 sims per household.
  • I vote for all integrated appliances: Microwave, toaster oven, coffee machine, mini fridge, ect An under the cabinet trash bin would also be nice. It would come with a unique animation: of a opening the cabinet, a trash bin would slide out, sim puts trash in the bin, then pushes the trash bin back in the cabinet and closes…
  • Color wheel is one of those things that probably won't happen until Sims 5. If it is not part of the base game then it becomes too difficult to go back and put it in later.
    in Color Wheel Comment by Novu January 2019
  • I would rather have a "High School" expansion than university. There are plenty of other ideas that should get a chance. - Rags to Riches (comes with poor neighborhood, can be homeless, there is burglary) - Theme park / water park with roller coasters and giant water slides (own and create your own park) - Boot camp…
  • Thanks again rosemow for posting the link and picture. That was very nice of you. Thanks. The house also comes with a functional skylight roof window to brighten up the living room and save electricity costs.
  • I can't post links or pictures but I created a 3 bedroom starter home for §17,899. Just search id "Novusod" in the gallery to find it.
  • How about amusement/water parks with giant water slides and such.
  • We shouldn't have to wait for Sims 5 for this kind of thing. The modding community could easily make dirty furniture and dilapidated building materials with simple re-skins. What would be more tricky is a whole neighborhood that run down with cracked roads and weeds everywhere as that would require an official expansion. I…
  • > @rosemow said: > > Each of the starter homes are very nice! :) It is great that they are base game , so all simmers can enjoy downloading them and having them in their games. Very nice layout of the interiors. Sims will enjoy moving into the homes :) Thanks for posting the link. I really appreciate it. Next up will be a…
  • I created a few two bedroom starter homes for under 18k using base game content only. I can't post links yet but just search for my id "Novusod" in the Gallery under lots.
  • Forget University, we already had that one in Sims 3. Why not do something never done before? High school would be interesting. You can go as either a teacher or a student. There would be events such as pep rallies, homecoming, and Proms.
  • It is very important to save often. I was building a house and the game crashed so I had to start all over.
  • Someone mentioned they wanted ~layered clothing~ which is great idea but it would require a total redesign of CAS. It should be in the bucket list of features that come with Sims 5. More ages with more realistic lifespans: infant (under 2) toddler (2 to 4) child (5 to 9) tween (10 to 13) teenager (14 to 17) young adult (18…
  • EA is probably already working on The Sims 5 as it takes years to develop a new game. Just because they announced new content for Sims 4 will continue until 2021 doesn't mean there can't be overlap. Why not do both and have concurrent development? There is nothing stopping them from releasing Sims 5 base game at the same…
  • I used to play the original Sims a long time ago back in 2001 or so. I only recently came back to Sims 4 because of the big Christmas sale.
  • The Sims: Hot Date The Sims 2: Never played The Sims 3: Island Paradise The Sims 4: Get to Work
  • I regret not having ever played this.
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