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  • Very cute! Post pictures of the wedding!!
  • The computer which had my sims 3 games no longer worked. Some time passed before I got a new computer. By that time, Sims 4 had came out. I decided to try out sims 4 before reinstalling my sims 3 games and playing sims 3 again. When I tried reinstalling my sims 3 games the first time on the new computer, I kept getting…
  • The most I miss about sims 3 is cars, having a garage, and the open world. Even with the bugs, yeah I said it! >:) Hahaha
  • Hopefully the Fashion Photography career is fixed in the next update :( A lot of us have been having an issue with completing the assignments.
  • This has bugged me for FOREVER :s This happened in my game since before ROM unfortunately. No mods.
  • I voted Other because I am going to create two games for this game pack. One where I play a malevolent manipulative dictator witch who will have minions doing her evil bids. So, I am going to be like the mother witch and I'm going to create a coven of vampires. I wonder if we can control the vampires as witches, and have…
  • Lol, the title of this post I found so funny and diabolical. It made me think of actually deleting everyone in Sulani and moving my favorite families into Sulani instead. :smile:
  • If it has not been started, I’m starting a poll on wether this pack disappointed you. I want those of us who are disappointed to list one major reason they feel this pack disappointed them, and why it is not worth being called an EP and absolutely not worth $40.
  • How about both a vacation world and a home world. I would have liked for them to add the option to pick Sulani as either my home or a vacation destination.
  • Me and you both.
  • When you have people that have written guides for these games tell you themselves that this game has no depth to it, multiple threads (with more than just four people) saying they’re disappointed with this EP, that this EP should cost no where near $40, that’s not a good thing. ESPECIALLY when EA didn’t even start…
  • I am working on reinstalling all my sims 3 games. The sims 4 is just ridiculous. None of these houses can’t even have garages yet (like, for actually working cars, ik there’s cc that can let you add the doors and all)!! That is still blowing my mind that this game is lacking garage doors and cars!?!? XD
  • Sims team, if this is what is happening, just end the sims 4 and do the sims 5 already but with open world, whatever the sims 4 was supposed to improve from sims 3, and let’s put more effort into improving the gameplay again please? :smile: A pretty game can only get you so far. The sims 4 is significantly lacking in terms…
  • I cannot agree with you more. I am worried about the rest of the EP’s coming out. I am absolutely not buying them at full price anymore.
  • That’s actually a really cool idea! I’m going to try it out :smile: Unfortunately I was running out of things to do in IL :neutral:
  • I just posted a reply in another post about how significantly lacking I think this EP is! Lol, the coincidence is just funny to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty world, nice additions. But, do I feel like it’s an EP? No, I honestly do not, if anything I feel taken advantage of because I love when EP come out because it…
  • I feel that for how long this took to come out, it’s lacking a lot of gameplay. Like, I am honestly afraid of what is coming next if this is the pattern the next packs are going to follow. From what I’ve seen, I would have definitely waited until this EP got on sale or something, because it’s definitely not worth an EP…
  • The world would be a sad sad place :/
  • Cars, spiral staircases, strollers, elevators, bunk beds, beaches, teen part time jobs, university, more family centered locations/outings, theme parks, magic,more household management options, wine or nectar making, pizza oven. Motorcycles. If any of this is already in the game, someone please let me know! :smile:
  • I am so excited for seasons!?! I cannot wait :) So the way I'm preparing is by not playing any of my current families until Seasons is installed on my machine. I am starting a new family, with traits I have never played before. And will play them until Seasons arrives!
  • My vote goes for Daisy!
  • I gave it a 8/10 because I feel the game could be better for sures. They need to bring back cars. Also, I feel seasons is also missing key component. I also miss university like features. They need to bring family portraits back too. Hahaha, I feel like I turned this into a vent session lol. :D
  • Wow, nice! The Bunch and Altos are really popular I see. I might have to bring the Bunch family as well. OMG, I am beginning to think if I should also bring Agnes Crumplebottom too! :D Wow CK213! Thats awesome. Your Lisa Bunch looks spot on!
  • I am in a 30x40 with four sims, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and the bills are almost 10k. It's insane hahaha.
  • Hi LiaRose1435! And wow, a 64x64 castle sounds nice! I am hoping once my female young adult finds a husband and settles down she has twins too! And yeah, I have been cheating too to able afford the bills. I was wondering if once the household maximizes their careers, and freelances their skills (gardening, painting,…
  • Oh! Hahaha, I'm sorry theFella. I did not notice this was the sims 2 General Discussion. Sorry!! My mistake. I usually go into the sims 4 forums, and just click the discussions tab on the top left. I didn't realize other sims games (sims 2, sims 3) are included in the discussions tab. Sorry again :/
  • OMG, can I just say. I was not expecting to have my brand new sim's house catch fire today ?!?!?!? TOTALLLY unprepared for that lol :D So, I pause the game, and am looking through the forums to find out why. (BTW, yes, it was from a washing machine) But, as to what exactly triggers it, I don't know yet. Anyways, so I am…
  • OMG. I am house shopping for my sims, and its so sad?!?!? I want a house with garage but there's no cars in the sims 4!!?? I cannot wait until cars are added.. ::crossing fingers it happens in 2018::
  • I just finished downloading mine guys, happy simming! :D

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