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  • I'm a huge FNAF fan and made the cast as humans in the SIMS 4. The Freddy Sim asked to stay at my Sim's place and he wanted to watch a movie. The choice he made was hilarious! If you know the plot of Five Night's At Freddy's, you'll get the morbid humor in this photo.
  • Had a few funny deaths recently. All paparazzi. They simply do not know when it's hot out and to change to proper clothing. My Sim is friends with a few celebs and they were hanging out at one of their apartment's in the city and the poor guy died waiting by the elevator to get pics. We went out to the lounge that evening…
  • 3 days off work, my Sim wanted to start making her magic skills stronger. Not a great start however. Not only did she take out herself, but her mentor friend and sage too. Now she stinks so bad from the curse she got, anyone near her will vomit.
  • From a very tense meeting thanks to Greg, to a slow building friendship after becoming a spellcaster, my Sim and Morgyn have started to grow closer than I expected!
  • My girl is now exploring the magic realm. That tense encounter with Morgyn left her curious. She is now a spellcaster and I noticed something I never saw before when playing in the realm. Guess it pays to explore. Looks like a lost cemetery with the sages of old long gone. I'm sure others have seen it but the gemstones on…
  • My last events for the day. My poor girl is going through it right now. During her usual patrol Caleb was very angry and lashed out at her 3 times. She was so angry she broke up with him and spent the night getting juiced and partying with celebrities to take her mind off it. A few days later Caleb came by to give her a…
  • @GalacticGal They weren't kidding! I have been playing this game since it came out and this is the first time I felt like an actual story was happening without any mods to spice things up. Everyone is so animated now and emotional and feels like their own person! It feels like my Sim is in unknown danger poking the beast…
  • I had the strangest encounters today. First my Sim ended up terrified after another Sim visited during a thunderstorm and lightning nearly burned down my Sim's home. The other Sim yelled at her and scared her so badly she now feared the dark. A few days after that, lightning struck poor Vivian at a festival, then my Sim…
  • LOL Greg is back again! My Sim can't catch a break as she tries hard to do a good job as a detective.
  • Wow! I left the Sims for a while after requesting werewolves, prom and generations and came back to all three lol guess patience is a virtue! So I am loving the werewolves pack and Greg was the highlight of my welcome back game! Still playing as a detective who has a job that's not normal at all when ever I play it. My…
  • Might be how I set it up. I tend to use the 4 week Winter as real life Winter months. I have the first week more like the end of November since it's still Fall but lots of snow, and no big holidays but I do have Remembrance Day. In the second week I have Winterfest and on the third week I end it with New Year's Eve, then…
  • Same! We had a blizzard!
  • I play with 28 days because of the natural progression with the weather changes. Anything shorter and it gets a bit crazy! I remember right after New Year's Eve on the first day of Spring (new year) on a 7 day season, the grass was green and the birds were singing. It was jarring for a Canadian like me lol
  • Not for me. Just did a test with Sam on a new save. Scared and Terrified are moods, but the trait associated with them is Brave. That might be the confusion.
    in Worried Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • I'd usually recommend that one too but for me I like to have my Sim do normal tasks like using the bathroom, but yeah if it's getting to be too much for a scared Sim, that trait is gold!
    in Worried Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • Try to purchase the brave trait and it should help a lot! :)
    in Worried Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • Where it all began and growing up as a huge Sim City fan (not so much Sim City 2) I had always wanted to play as the people I looked after in Sim City and The Sims was a dream come true!
  • I'm fine with things and have faith things will improve as long as we are open and honest and don't sugarcoat issues or be extremely rude and threatening either. The tide is changing and interests are shifting to the good old days for many gamers and the companies seem to have noticed this finally. Looking back on the Sims…
  • 7C with a hint of snow and very very windy and cloudy.
  • Thinking back when I replayed the game recently after a few years playing other stuff the bladder tends to lower faster than I remember too. Maybe it's the new scared trait and it's glitching on non-scared Sims? Scared ones need to use the bathroom more frequently and I think the scared mood was added to the base game, not…
    in Worried Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • I usually base it on the season. If it's Fall/Winter my Sim goes to the Jungle or Island and if it's Spring/Summer she goes camping or snowboarding.
    in vacation Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • We need werewolves! The teasing with the old portrait and a few recent things has me itching for it! If you read all the lore in the buy mode items of recent they are not subtle sometimes. Same with the lore with the princess and her pirate lovers.
    in New Roadmap Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • When I play with Dine Out now, my Sim sits on the toilet, stands up and walks away unless I reset her at the place she's eating at. I don't recall this when I bought Dine Out when it first came out. I recall a lot less pathing issues and action drops now that I think about it too. Something in recent years seems to have…
    in Worried Comment by Mkins April 2022
  • It's like a scene in a movie! So beautiful!
  • Good to know! If it had been Kylo Ren I might have tried to arrest him lol
  • Sam made her first real friend today! After a rough day at the station, Caleb asked her to hang out at his place and they decided to take in the mystical beauty of foggy Forgotten Hollow together.
  • I start with the main door and entrance and always always create the kitchen first right after I'm done. I still don't know why but my Sims just seem to like that as their main hang out so it's the one I work on the most and make the largest. Then I move onto the living room and bathroom, add the backyard then finish with…
  • My Sim detective who had a weird glitch with arresting Agnes instead of the real suspect had another odd encounter. She had Rey help her arrest a suspect at the library. Guess she decided to take a vacation away from Batuu, but I heard those Sims should not appear outside of that location. My Sim has an interesting career!
  • I was watching a Youtuber play that part with a vampire and his human friend and the vampire was forced into a glitched slow penguin wobble.
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