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  • @PaJean I got the request and accepted it. Aden is now all yours. :)
  • So how much time does Sims Mobile usually put in between their events? Because I'm already looking forward to the next fun thing.
  • @PaJean So I was looking around at this just now. I guess one way to do it is to go into the family portrait and then when it asks you to add or create a new sim for an open slot, you can choose to add Aden. If that doesn't work, you can always try posting in this thread to get more help: h t t…
  • @Celiatify Hey, I still have a female Sim that I'm looking to unload. My friend code is 94RCLEG.
  • > @PaJean said: > Yea. I had a "duh" moment there. I have started the relationship and it’s at level 5. They are engaged. I really wish we could ask to hang out with anyone on our contacts list. > > Thanks so much for Aden. He’s a keeper. Haha, no worries! I really appreciate your help as well in getting him to move on for…
  • >@PaJean said: > I Cara Elle, met him at your party. I can't start a relationship at a party, I guess. The party is just a chance to add my Sim to your contacts while interacting with each other. Then once you leave the party, you can call my Sim over to you and begin a relationship that way.
  • > @PaJean said: > Not me. I attended yours tho! Oh, I just meant that I used the view home feature, not that I attended a party of yours or anything, lol.
  • @PaJean Also just started to throw a foodie party if you wanna pop on over.
  • @PaJean Hey, I just accepted your friend request - your home looks amazing, btw! Just give me a heads up on if you want Sami or Aden. I'll be sure to accept the move out request as soon as the relationship allows it to be sent. :)
  • Less than 24 hours left for the event! How is everyone doing with their progress? I only joined the game about three days ago, so I'm a little bummed out that I won't be able to complete the ASOS event. But it has me really excited for future events.
  • Move in or Out: Move Out Sim's Name: Sami Mabrey Sim's Traits: Good (lvl 1) Lucky (lvl 1) Generous (lvl 1) Ambitious (lvl1) Sim's Gender: Female Sim's Sexual Preference: Male or Female - she's not picky Sim's Occupation: Currently doing 'Trending Now' (lvl 6), though she has also completed 'Way of the Latte' About your…
  • > @Hardernater said: > I like the idea of izzy, I just wish there's some rare hairstyle in his shop lol. I would so get behind this, lol.
  • > @CorruptPixie said: > The simple reason is poor planning and testing on EA's part. I would explain more, but I have to get back to getting ASOS tokens. By the way, ASOS, way to go getting a bunch of people to negatively associate you with your brand. Not only do the clothes, for the most part, look terrible, and the…
  • Never knew trans was an option in the Sims 4, but awesome to know! Since it's been implemented in another Sims game, it shouldn't be too difficult for it to be worked in later on. Honestly, it sounds like a cool thing to play around with and would help a lot of other users feel more represented.
  • I really hope that we'll be given more options to customize work areas in the future. Like I get that the amount of space can't be adjusted. But I'd love to change the wallpapers or carpets. Maybe even let us add walls. Cause I'd love to make changing rooms in my Fashion Studio. I know that the Wooden Dividers are a thing,…
  • > @JreamCatcher said: > Def cute!! You can also click on it and view past/present generations and promote your non-playable Sims (like children) to a playable Sim slot :smile: Oh my goodness, I had no idea about this. You just made my day!
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