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  • Well couldn't help myself to check back to my thread, to see if anyone even bothered reading it. It has been an interesting read through. I posted what I did, as a last ditch attempt to call out the developers, since having an actual feedback/support line is beneath them. Every time you call EA with something about Sims 4,…
  • I'll get my travel on then. I don't feel comfortable using mods. Sims 4 is unstable in buggy enough as it is.
  • I know have tried adding the two uninvited guests to a group, but I still don't get an option to get them to leave. However it sounds like it is the same apartment building as paradiseplanet mentions above. Where the Rasoyas live.
  • Should anyone find a good trick, I am listening too. Since my iMac has exactly the same problem. iMac 5K 2015 Intel Core i5 3,2 GHz (Quad Core) 16 GB Ram 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 M390 512 GB SSD
  • It does have the smart trait yes.
  • My dog hasn't done is business during a walk yet. I have played the same family for a few weeks (in the game). Besides, I shouldn't have to tell a male dog to do it. They do it, wether they need to or not :-)
  • Decided to do another test with macOS High Sierra, now in its final form. And can report that it works perfectly on my iMac know. I don't really know why there is a change from the GM version to the final version, but for some reason there is.
  • What Mac are you playing on?
  • macOS High Sierra will be released 25th september. This release is the Golden Master Candidate, which means unless there is a massive bug, this is the release that will drop the 25th.
  • I have no idea. But almost all my games failed to start, so Time Machine just finished its restore 15 minutes ago. No way to test further. Sorry.
  • You are welcome :-)
  • I can actually do a little bit better than a picture. I made a review of my iMac when I bought it. You can see it running here: I am 11 minutes and 3 seconds into the review, when The Sims 4 is loaded.
  • I just looked up a benchmark of the Graphics card, it is a little slower (it seems) than the one I have (R9 390M). I play the game on 1920x1080 and most settings on high. Specifically: (My game is on Danish, so my translation might not be exact) Sims: High Objects: High Light: High Reflections: High Visuel effects: High…
  • In the resolution settings, you need to uncheck the checkbox "Retina-Display". That will give you access to some lower resolutions, without everything being huge. Try with 1920x1080 resolution at first, if the iMac can do it with a good frame rate, this resolution strikes a flexible balance for the size and performance.
  • Another crash same bug. I took some food out of the fridge, placed it on the kitchen table, and I got the spinning ball of death (macOS). That is the second time this happens. It doesn't happen every time. There is still no crash log in EA Games folder. Is this message in the right forum?
  • Hmm, no info on the crash apparently. Thanks for the hint. I do read, or rather skim, the patch notes, just didn't remember reading about the auto-save being disabled. Thanks for info. Though I find it extremely odd that they can't develop a functioning auto-save.
  • If you mean the "The Sims 4" app in the Applications folder, that is the game files, they take up that amount of space. On my Mac it uses 20 GB too. But if you are talking about your save games, they are located in your documents folder. You can find it this way:* Click on an empty spot on the Desktop * Click the Go menu,…
    in Storage Comment by Lunder89 June 2017
  • The game is simply unaware of your graphics card, because it is brand new on the market. The only thing it means is, that Sims 4 can't set the graphics settings and resolution automatically. I would advice a resolution of 1440x900 and either medium or high graphics settings.
  • If you are about to wipe your Mac clean. Then here is a few points for you * Get an external storage device for your backup. A USB thumb drive or external harddrive depending on how much stuff you have, help is further down the list * Open a Finder window, click "Go" in the menubar and select "Home", this is the folder…
  • It varies. Depends on how much content the package contains. Is it a game pack, stuff pack or expansion pack. If you find the package in the store, and then scroll down to the System Requirements. It says how much space is needed. I currently have the following installed:* The Sims 4 (Obviously) * Get to work * Get…
  • If that model is bought. Beware, it throttles the performance badly. And only few stores have it in stock. Since a new model has replaced it.
  • Brilliant said Nearia35 For more info, try to read my post in the thread: Though the key information has already been said here.
  • I have played Sims 4 on two different MacBook Pro's. The old one from 2013 with nVidia GeForce GT650M, and the late 2015 model, with the Intel Iris Pro graphics. (Which is still on sale) The MacBook Pro's are thin, and the very powerful graphics card from nVidia and AMD Radeon, they often run so hot, the performance is…
  • All you need to do, is to copy your backup from the flash drive, into your documents folder. If you backed up the folder Electronic Arts, then copy that folder into your documents. If you backed up the sub-folder The Sims 4, then copy that into the folder called Electronic Arts. If the folder Electronic Arts doesn't exist,…
  • Nice setup. If you set your settings to a resolution of 1920x1080 (no retina, since it kills the performance easily), all the settings to the left, set them to high, and very high where possible. On the right side, set edge smoothing to medium, the next two settings to High. The 1st and 3rd checkbox unchecked, and the…
  • I don't have an idea as to why the fan suddenly spins up. But about it being dangerous, NO. The fans task is to keep the computer cool, and if it can't, Macs are smart enough to limit the output performance to a point where it can be cooled. But what iMac do you have? Specs?
  • The EA Games folder can not be moved. And moving the entire documents folder involves commands in the terminal. I would not recommend this course of action.
  • You are very welcome :-)
  • If you disable Post Processing Effects, and turn the resolution down, you should be able to set the Edge Smoothing to medium. The two settings on very high may need to be set to high.
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