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  • Here are my ideas :)): February: Witches Game Pack (as similiar to the sims vampires with a new small neighborhood) March: Music academy stuff pack (adding new instruments like drums, bass, cello... and the possibiliy to start a band) June: Tropical getaway / or another vacation destination game pack. November: University…
  • At that point, except for a university expansing pack, I'm just waiting for any supernatural pack, whether it's about mermaids, werwolves or witches I just want more magic in my game.
  • > @Revan said: > I picked "Sky" because I immediately thought of Star Wars' Cloud City and think this kind of location would translate quite well to TS4 and its aesthetic. :) Star Wars in the sim would be amazing, we already have some clothes xD maybe it's an hint haha.
  • Voted for underwater, now that I've watched Aquaman, I'd love to see an Atlantis like world in the sims XD. But I would also vote for fantasy forest, I think having a hidden place where elves or fairies would live would be amazing!
  • Bring drums back ! That would be awesome if teens could start a music band like in the sims 3 late night and I think it would really feat with a teen pack
  • Less musical chairs... I know there's already a mod for that but I'm trying to download them the less possible.
  • Mhh, I guess it can be a good thing knowing that some players prefer building house and lots, while others prefer creating a sim. I don't know if I would buy such pack but personnaly, I prefer a themed pack where you have both clothes and objetcs in order to create a specific atmosphere or story.
  • I do agree with all the coments here. I don't see any difference between my teen sims and young adult sims. New specific interactions made for teens would be awesome. we had a children and a toddler pack, it's time we get some teen content :)
  • > @rosemow said: > > Hello @Lokismith :) I posted to you on the other thread but just wanted to say happy simming again :) > It is great that you are enjoying Sims 4 Seasons :) The addition of different weather conditions, the changing of seasons and the accompanying changes of the landscape and seasonal activities, and…
  • > @Gym_Girl101 said: > Lokismith wrote: » > > Hi everybody, I'm just starting one of my new year's resolution which is to (finally) be an active member of the sims community in order to share new ideas ;) > > > > > Hello @Lokismith that’s a great resolution. Welcome my name is Abigail :) > Happy simming :) Thanks, my…
  • Happy new year everyone! 1. When I still played the sims 3, I didn't have the sims 3 seasons, so when it came out on the sims 4, I didn't understand the hype around this EP..... until I bought it. It completely changes the way I play the sims, it makes the game more dynamic, more realistic, the landscapes are gorgeous and…
  • Hi everybody, I'm just starting one of my new year's resolution which is to (finally) be an active member of the sims community in order to share new ideas ;)
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