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  • Hi! Not sure if anyone remembers me but I used to be a regular here. Hoping to get back into it soon! Hope you've all been well.
  • LBell had a baby named Lavender who is a werewolf. This is her father Dylan who she inherited the werewolf gene from.
  • @lanlyn Thanks! I know, I'm so relieved. I hate it when they die unexpectedly. :s Seeing as he is level 10 handiness I really didn't think he'd die from that. I guess I'll let Wesker do the handy work from now on. :D Also. Whilst the Grim Reaper visited I added him to my town. :D Should be fun to see him wandering around.…
  • Page 805: @msbeckycat Nice update. Are they twins? @king_of_simcity7 Wow that is so sad. I feel for Amber! Laurence doesn’t know what he’s missing. @Celticgamer0 Wow! She looks amazing. I love her hairstyle and clips/hairband. @CravenLestat The house looks amazing! Gosh, I wish I had such talent... the houses I make always…
  • Great updates everyone. Really sorry I couldn't do replies the other day. I'll try to catch up now and do some replies and like/awesomes. Page 803: @Evalen (What a lovely name!) I love the civic center and the roof looks great! @lanlyn Nice update. The Starlight Shores Stellar Observatory looks great! @venusdemilosims…
  • Hi all, Sorry I didn't do replies yet. Been having trouble with my internet. I am reading over the last few pages and writing comments as I type! I will update this with the replies.
  • @chesterbigbird Thank you. I had a little play and the lag is gone, aside from frame drops when panning to different lots while they load but I assume that's normal?
  • I know this is mostly The Sims 3 images... but I found this hilarious. LBell telling the Chef his food was terrible! He isn't happy... :o Will post replies soon. EDIT: Here is my proper update. Jackson rolled a wish to have a Bonehilda Coffin.. so we got it. LBell doesn't approve, however. Jackson hid Wesker's clothes when…
  • Thanks. What is the best way to do it? Uninstall old drivers or just update and 'overwrite' current one? @CharKittyBoo Yeah I am starting to think so too... :D
  • Thanks! Haven't had a chance yet but will do later. Also, is the new update for Nvidia worth it do you think? Or stick with 372.70 for now?
  • Thanks! I'll try it.
  • Why doesn't uninstalling it work? Im slightly confused.
  • Oh I see. I was expecting it to make the game graphics slightly improved without using a HQ mod. I think I'll give this a miss then. Thanks for letting me know.
  • Could you share some pics of your graphics in Sims 3? I'd like to see before I install the app to decide if it's worth getting. :D
  • AMD FX 8320
  • Just one more question. As I said I set my card to "OC Mode" from the MSI gaming app. Is this the same or similar as a Superclock? It was originally in "Game Mode" so surely that should have been enough?
  • Oh ok. Thanks for clarifying that! :)
  • Okay, thanks. It seems to be working fine for me at the moment. I'll slowly add in households along the way. Not a necessity right now but its just a little sad lots are a bit dead but hey ho. :D
  • Sorry I haven't posted lately. Been having problems with my game. What happened in my Sims game today you ask? Well... First, LBell had a job to remove ghosts at the Goth-Lothario household and witnessed a pregnant Cassandra breaking it off with Don. Then back home... LBell and Wesker weren't as sneaky as usual and Jackson…
  • @phoebebebe13 I haven't actually tried raising the things I have on low. I put the trees low because I don't really look at trees from any distance. What do you mean by superclock? Is that something I can do or just the card you have came that way? @igazor -- No I never log in. -- Always switch off EA store stuff. --…
  • @phoebebebe13 It runs the same. Tried Sunset Valley as well. Very odd. I have just now disabled Pets expansion and in MSI Gaming APP turned on 'OC Mode' for my card. I turned just mirror reflections on, lots to 1 and trees to low. The game seems ok so far... but my town is extremely empty its really quite sad. :(
  • Alright, thanks! I have tried so many things. I am playing in 'Legacy Island' which I read reviews about it being so smooth to play. I have done all apart from the defragmentation suggested on 'Carls Sims 4 guide' (but its specifically for 3): What can I do to work around the issue? The main idea is to "help" the game by…
  • @phoebebebe13 I have 178GB free space. :D On Samsung Magician it says that the drive health status is good. How do you clear yours, is it by defragmenting it? Though I wasn't sure if I should do that because its an SSD but then again I read that Windows 10 trims it which is safe for an SSD? Not sure so I'd better ask here…
  • @inmyeye Thank you for that but sadly it doesn't work. Ah well I give up! Haha. Thank you everyone for the help anyway. :)
  • @napoleonwrasse Thank you! I see its been moved now. :) @phoebebebe13 Yes added the TS3.exe and vsync is set to on. I am on the latest patch. @Simasaurus09 Thanks thats good to know. No SweetFX didn't work for me so I just gave up :D
  • It's bugging me and it doesn't seem normal because this has never happened before. She even cancels the actions I do to go and play in the ocean. I was wondering if there was some sort of routing problem or some glitch.
  • I'm so sorry I must have missed the store part and quickly saw technical discussion to start this thread. I was rushing to get an answer that's all. Please someone move this as I'm not sure how to. Thanks. Edit: it doesn't seem to let me move it. Only to start a new discussion.
  • Yes I remember I saw your post and tried what you did which was deleting dxgi.dll and dxgi.fx I believe. Sadly this didn't work for me.
  • I took the x64 one but not tried both. Doubtful at this stage :D I'll try tomorrow and let you know. In the meantime if anyone else knows please let me know! :)
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