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  • Give. Me. THE BUNNIES! Just say sims can keep them as pets and I will be a happy blossom. I have waited too long for a game to have rabbits.
  • My sim teaching her daughter to knit I'm surprised by how much I use the knitting pack. There are bigger packs I use nothing of besides the CAS and buy/build content. I really mostly use it as a way for sims to bond or to keep them busy for a while.
  • I finally finished my legacy! It took three years, but I finally reached ten generations. I probably won't play Sims 3 for a while now, but glad I can say I completed a legacy.
  • This comment. Why is anyone expecting realism in a game? "Life simulator" means it simulates day to day life to an extent, not mimics it to the letter.
  • My generation ten baby became a toddler. I don't use any skin CC - just hair and clothes on occasion (only her hair is CC) - yet I feel like she's adorable. Eh, maybe that's because she's my sim.
  • I don't understand why a medium can't be implemented. Babies were already a boring life stage, and they made it more boring. Sims 3 introduced baby swings and playpens via the store. Granted, the playpens were exclusive to toddlers, but they can't introduce more usable baby furniture in 4? Is that impossible?
  • From my legacy. Only two kids for generation nine. This was taken before they aged up. The brother is a young adult now, and his sister is a teenager. Cannot believe I am almost done. One more generation. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding the brother someone to marry!
  • I find many people have this attitude about complaints in general. I've been called negative (not here) for being upset I was almost killed by an event instead of simply being glad I'm not dead. For the life in me, I don't understand this concept so many people have that multiple feelings can't exist simultaneously. It's…
  • The T rating is mostly because of the references to sex and alcohol ("woohoo" and "juice"). Without those and other references to adult themes, the game probably could have an E or E-10 rating.
  • Because I don't dislike the game. I dislike things about it. That said, I don't regularly play Sims 4 to begin with because I have a legacy going in Sims 3. When I play Sims 4, I tend to get bored quickly. I found even packs that appeal to me lose their novelty after a while.
  • I started doing this with my legacy in Sims 3. At nine generations in, I'm almost done, but in between birthdays, it gets boring I'm not having a sim work on something (like a skill or career). I let the sims manage themselves until it's time for one to age up or another sim to be born. I started doing this in Sims 4. In…
  • I feel like story-driven packs don't fit into a game like Sims. I remember after I completed the story in Strangerville, I thought, "Okay, now what?" The town became like every other town. Nothing unique about it outside of its backdrop. I haven't visited it since I finished the storyline.
  • Eh. I never had a problem playing Sims 3, and Sims 4 has given me its fair share of issues too. The game has outright froze itself and shut down on me before. Don't talk to me about routing. My sims in 4 have just as much trouble walking around each other. One time, a group of them got stuck in place. That's probably the…
  • The nerfing itself doesn't bother me so much as EA enabling these players does. I worked in retail for three years. Want to get your way? Throw a temper tantrum, and 99% of the time, you'll win. One of my most memorable experiences in retail is a customer who got a 50% discount on a dress because she demanded it. Not…
  • You think you could tag me next time before you call me out like that?! :lol: Jokes aside, I agree. Look at my avatar! I love fairytales and magic, and occults have always been my favorite part of the series. I was utterly in love with the Realm of Magic pack, and I admit I still have a faint hope for fairies (I loved…
  • I think Sims 2 has better graphics than Sims 4. TS2's graphics are easier on the eyes. They're dated, but less saturated. The colors don't look so bright. They're less smooth, of course, but Sims 4 is also cartoony, so I don't find TS2's roughness so bothersome. Engine wise, I guess Sims 4 is better, but I prefer Sims 2's…
  • All three. Not because I think they're great, but the dust one makes itself prevalent.
  • I'm a sap who loves happy endings. Even my sims in poverty generally live pleasant lives.
  • Her name is Feliciana. She's the second-born of the ninth generation in my legacy. Yes, nine! Cannot believe I'm really reaching ten generations. Started in 2018. I would've finished sooner if I didn't take so many breaks from the game, but pressuring myself is why I could never finish one in the past. Games are supposed…
  • Depends on what the backstory is for that sim, if there is one. There are some sims I create solely for testing out new packs, and others that have fleshed out stories in my head. I don't usually plan as far as them having kids, though.
  • For what my unasked for opinion counts for... The only "needed" thing for me is weather. I don't care particularly about having the four seasons. Just different kinds of weather (sunshine, rainfall, snow, cloudy, hail, storms, etc). Everything else I get is a bonus. Even the packs I don't particularly care for have…
  • For anyone who cares about the actual math, it's $835 (USD). Base game: $60 Expansions: 10 x $40 = $400 Game packs: 9 x $20 = $180 Stuff packs: 18 x $10 = $180 Kits: 3 x $5 = $15 Total: $835 If you take away the price for the base game, the total is still closer to $800 than $700. You tell me if Sims 4 is worth $835.
  • And they still have yet to introduce rabbits.
  • Google: sunk cost fallacy The sunk cost fallacy describes our tendency to follow through on an endeavor if we have already invested time, effort, or money into it, whether or not the current costs outweigh the benefits.
  • All of them. Yes, including the god-awful Batuu, and the kits.
  • I don't like particularly like or hate the kits, but regardless of which side of the issue you're on, it's hard to deny EA is milking every drop out of the game that they can. They know darn well they have the entire fandom wrapped around their fingers. Why wouldn't they?

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