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"you change your sig like a girl changes clothes" -katy perry @ me


  • How did I miss this omg. I hope the procedure went well! And that's devotion right there. I'm gonna one-up you this week, though, when I put off studying to read the guidebook :wink:
  • This isn't for money, but I was recently playing a teen and his toddler sister, and at one point their electricity got shut down, and their fridge was broken. I didn't have enough money to pay the bills, let alone fix the fridge, so these guys had no meals. I moved a group of his friends in next door, and when I was really…
  • I'm gonna no vote now, 'cause I'm not sure what time this ends in my timezone. I'll revoke it if I need to. Night everyone!
  • Aw man, I just finished up my summer work yesterday. It's such a relief when you finish :smile: trust me, push through, and you'll be relieved lol
  • Hi! I just got home and realized that I totally forgot to check this. Has anything happened yet?
  • Oo, who'd you see?
  • @Purrdalecki that's so cool!! I had no idea you made poses. That's awesome. and I'd love to see the lance one :lol: Oh. my. god. I'm trying to avoid spoilers and it's so hard. I was going to stretch out watching season 3 (like 1 ep. a week) to make it to October, but if I do that, I won't be able to go online for like two…
  • Hey guys! If you'd like to join a super fun mafia game, sing-ups are open for another 24 hours, and we've got a couple spots more :smile: come drop by!
  • Mat and the blonde dude are my favorites so far. Craig looks too much like Shiro pre-abduction. It's freaking me out :lol:
  • @Purrdalecki love the new avi :heart: @mintycupcake the day is upon us! I swear, it's been out for, like, twelve hours, and I've almost been spoiled ten times. And I'm loving that Babadook/Rupaul crossover :lol:
  • This is so creative! Count me in
  • oh my god I just. there's more fanart than I thought there was I take back anything negative I've ever said about this dumpster fire of a fandom. This is beautiful edit: NEVERMIND I FOUND THE BEST TWO
  • I had no idea, honestly. Is the issue that mousse is too wet/heavy for bread or? And if this project ever comes back, count me in. I want some Hunk surprise bread sent my way lol Dude were you not here for all the Keith cryptid stuff? Cause of his conspiracy board and Pidge's alien radio, everyone headcanons them as total…
  • Huh, I keep running into you. I guess I just end up in the few threads you're posting in now lol. Also I just realized I've never checked out your lit thread! Is that your Love, London story?
    in Whatcha doin? Comment by Kandy July 2017
  • @mintycupcake dang, you're everywhere aren't you? :lol: I promise I'm not stalking you Currently I'm trying to procrastinate my problems away. I leave in about 14 hours for a vacation, and before then I have to get all my summer work done and turned in. It's... it's a slow process.
    in Whatcha doin? Comment by Kandy July 2017
  • @Kilov17 Yeah that can definitely happen lol. Shame the genetics didn't mix :( my Eliza kids normally turn out pretty cute, luckily
  • Ohh okay. Dang, now I'm craving banana mousse. Omg can you put mousse in surprise bread? Bcs if so that sounds amazing. Dang, now I have to hold your inferior cherry-liking ways over your head forever. What a shame :/ I'm still demanding pictures btw when they are made! Maybe we can entice people into the Voltron dumpster…
  • Pff there was no way I wasn't reading a Voltron-related thread. And besides, I have, like, a sixth sense. I can tell when someone's being unfair to my poor children :wink:
  • mixed feelings about the banana or the pudding? Heh, I love both so you can totally send Hunk's my way. Also, my vote's on raspberry or strawberry for Keith. Not cherry though. Cherries are disgusting :neutral: Oh. My. God. That is so cute!! Pidge in a dress is my favorite thing ever :heart: and they both look so adorably…
  • @Kilov17 dang, you seem to have good luck w/ townie offspring! I think we have different tastes, 'cause I find Eliza quite cute. Once I get on I'll have to take a look at Kelsey-I'm sure she's gorgeous!
  • That's what I said! @mintycupcake we already discussed the 10,000 years thing. Technically she was "asleep" or whatever for those years, so I wouldn't call it a 10,000 year age gap For the ages, it's pretty ambiguous. It was offhandedly mentioned that Shiro is 25 and it's pretty clear that Pidge is younger than the rest of…
  • Wow. If that's your ugliest sim, I'd love to see what your pretty sims look like. She looks cute to me!
  • Omg I'm expecting pictures when this is done. That sounds delicious! @A_Culler is definitely right-you're making the world a better place.
  • Darn that livestream was so short :( they only did like six fan questions. Omg I LOVE her stuff!! I've seen her fanart for Watercast and she's AMAZING! I had no idea she had an Instagram though (I've only seen her stuff here and there). Excuse me while I go cry and like everything of hers Honestly this is making me wanna…
  • !! To celebrate I'm gonna go watch Jeremy Shada's "birthday livestream" (cause I guess today is Lance's birthday) in like three minutes!!
  • I've never seen any Transformers stuff so I'm not sure if that's accurate. But I can see where that comes from for sure lol. And I'll need to look for that D&P video. Ugh that really sucks :/ luckily it's being picked up by a decent studio (or at least I'm assuming, based on what you said). They can't completely trash it,…
  • I've never seen one of those 360 videos before so I was pretty impressed lol. But yeah the cabins a little bare. Still, just getting to move around the cabin w/ my mouse was enough for me to start screeching lol D u d e Josh Keaton's Twitter account is my LIFE. Him, Bex, Taylor, Jeremy, and Kimberley are amazing! Sad that…
  • $10 for twin?? Okay that's it my $60 LL Bean covers can burn. I'm gettin' me some Phil covers. Okay but now that I know it's 20 bucks I'm seriously considering getting Phil's duvet.
  • Cool! I should be back about a week and a half from now to join, if that's okay. I'll probably end up posting my character before then, though

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