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  • @Rosemow I just saw the thanks and good wishes. I hope you're ok. I have missed your challenges, and I'm glad you are taking time for yourself. After all these years, you deserve it. You've given so much. I don't know if you will get this but I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Be well, always.
  • @AlJay such a great idea. Beautiful house! @rosemow it is wonderful to see you back! *big hugs*
  • Thanks for everyone who stepped in to create a new challenge while @rosemow recupperates. I think that was you @jazzunicorns (great name!) =) Here's mine. Room Name: ♥ For Rosemow ♥ Gallery ID: Zevath Info: Paintings by @rosemow Requires #moo. Created with love. Pix
  • Just found this post today, @rosemow - wishing you and yours well. Sending prayers and hugs. PS I just read on more and saw you had health concerns. Sending lots of healing, light, love, and prayers for you to get better soon. Take good gentle care of yourself and take your time getting back. ♥.
  • @xamira99 thanks so much for the nomination!
  • Thank you @rosemow - I enjoyed this week's challenge. Sorry again about the misread. I appreciate your detailed and lovely comments. Happy New Year. Thanks so much for a year of inspiration and great challenges. I wish you the best going forward. And to all on our thread. ♥.
  • Theme for the week: Study, bathroom, or small sunroom* with flowers and candles Gallery name of room/link: Sanctuary Origin ID: Zevath Details: #nocc paintings from @Cindy1306 requires #moo and 1.5 walls *@Rosemow sorry. I didn't read the directions properly (again) and made a bedroom. So -- call it a sunroom with a bed in…
  • Love the Christmas rooms. I didn't get time to post my pix but it was fun to create. Thanks @rosemow for the gift of this thread. I love the creativity here. Every room showcased is unique and beautiful. It's such a pleasure to scroll through this thread. @lisabee2 your room is lovely, but I especially love the sweet story…
  • @Dannydanbo I'll be sure to do that. Thanks so much!
  • Thank you! = ) It was fun to do. Your kitchen is beautiful. ♥.
  • @SylviaFey this made my day. Hugs to you and Joshua. = ) Edit: Just saw your comment. Thanks so much! ^^ Was fun to make.
  • Thanks very much. I made it all up. ^^ I'm my mom's only child (though I had two younger sisters by my dad I got to see in the summer and on weekends until they moved away). But I did have six kids and 2 grandkids. =) So I'm very grateful for my real family too. That collage of photos though is a favorite. I love it. Btw,…
  • @sunman502 and @flpAmaral thank you! I'll check that out. @Serverfra I'll look for that one too. Thanks for your comments!
  • @rosemow thanks so much. I had fun with it. Those photos have a very 40s vibe to me so I went with the ROM stuff which looks like that era a bit. Thanks for your comments and another fun challenge! ♥.
  • #286 Theme: Kitchen with a special item for which we're grateful. Gallery Name: Ode to My Family Gallery ID: Zevath Details: I'm grateful for my family. They're weirdo's one and all. My sisters never smile for pix. Then there's the "cowboy" Uncle Paul, Uncle Paul never saw a cow or horse. He just likes wearing cowboy hats.…
  • @Rosemow thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments and encouragement. =) @xamira99 wow that Cauldron Kitchen must have taken a while. It's awesome! It reminds me of a shop in Markarth in Skyrim. Great job. Love the rooms this week - as always. So much creativity!
  • These are the shops This is what I came up with I can't find that mailbox or those marvelous doors, but I got it close. Then when I saw the Spark'd challenges and the idea with the snow globe, I thought these would look great decorated. If anyone else has done any ROM shop builds, please post your pix or videos! ^^
  • @Rosemow thanks very much. Here's mine. Gallery Name: Mt. Komorebi Dreaming Gallery ID: Zevath Details: #basegame #nocc art by @OxanaKSims for @Roseymow #oneroomoneweekonetheme challenge 285 for a Mt. Komorebi-esque #bedroom #zevath Photos:
  • @rosemow thank you for your review of my silly Peanuts homage (Lucy's Waiting Room). Very kind of you. Btw is this room design going for two weeks? I didn't see your original post about it.
  • Gallery Name/Link: Lucy's Waiting Room Gallery ID: Zevath Art by @Calolzio2011 Pix
  • Aw sweetie! *gentle hugs* Sorry to read this. The chiro really helped me so I hope it goes well for you. Be good to yourself. Hot showers help too and Advil if you can take it (reduces inflammation). Didn't see the first post on this. Did you fall or is it a repetitive-stress type thing? ♥.
  • You're very welcome @FrankieDanySIMS ! =) Thanks so much for your kind comments on my library room. I like that table too. I wish I could visit every single place and do a walk-thru. I used to on the TS1 forums and even made a screen name for it UPotW (Unofficial Pick of the Week). Or month. I can't remember. It was 20…
  • This is one of THE coolest things I've seen on here. So clever! Well done @wendyology =) @rosemow thank you for your kind comments. Another fun room to build. Thanks for the ideas and all you do to keep this thread going every day. Grateful! All the rooms are amazing. Each one so different. ♥.
  • @FrankieDanySIMS that War Room is cool. So is your collage - matches that atmosphere perfectly. I love Strangerville. @emere yay! *hugs* Welcome back. @icanhassims your dad sounds like he was such a cool guy. A librarian for 42 years -- I'm picturing Atticus Finch. *hugs* Been thinking of you. I remember how rough it was…
  • @WrathofCath Thanks, Cath! :D No worries. I think I figured it out. For anyone interested (I hope you don't mind this off-topic bit, @Rosemow) the "Cast Spells" activity is under "mischief and mayhem" in clubs. Which is silly really. There are some really fun (good) spells like making fully-grown plants or repairing…
  • @rosemow thank you both for the inspiration (as usual) and for the answer to my question. You rock! ♥.
  • I'm very sorry you're going through this pain. It's so hard to lose a beloved dad. Your room is beautiful. I hope you have great memories of your dad to help you during this rough time. ♥.
  • Hi everyone! Woot, I'm not late. So a bit of a story and a question. I recently got Realm of Magic as it was on sale and I love it. I say that every time I get a new pack. But so far this is my favorite. (I think I say that too.) It was fun learning spells and potions and meeting everyone in the Magic Realm. I even had a…
  • @Simming_Spoonie Thank you very much. Really kind of you! ♥. @rosemow So grateful for your challenge, and for your wonderfully detailed comments. *hugs* ♥.
  • Thanks for another challenge idea and week, @rosemow Great rooms everyone. Here's mine: Theme: 1920's style bedroom/study/bathroom Origin ID: Zevath Gallery Name/Link: Damask Dreams Pix:

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