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JRmilek New Member


  • I don't know if I understood the concept of this new iteration. As far as I know it is about the base game and its level of difficulty and challenge. I can't explain how I feel about this without suggesting fixes to the problems I'm exposing. So here are my thoughts: Different play styles have different necessities. It…
  • I don’t know if I understood well the concept of this thread. But I’m going to participate with this little essay about the way I feel I shall do it. Before I start, I must remind you I’m not a native english speaker, so my ideas may be unclear, if you could not understand something don’t be afraid to ask. If you see any…
  • Curtains, ponchos, hats, socks, fireplace socks (atachable), pull overs, pijamas, friendship wrist laces, teddy bears, new version of voodoo dolls, animal clothing (for those who own cats and dogs). And protectors for houseware... like the tea makers...
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