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  • I feel very sad for this current update and new event known as Harvest Fest. So many this time round, and with so many people affected ... we should get something from this and not nothing. This bites hard and deep. We want our sims to have a Thanksgiving just like we are outside this game. I can understand that some of us…
  • Take out the llama truck and surprise choice .. instead still use Emily but for this idea. Make like a catalog for the sims to shop from. Let the sims call her to order things from old events like the spa from one event or the bubble blower from another. Let us sell back multiple stuff we don't need anymore for like sim…
  • Hello Shar53, You can get the cupcakes from the video ads that appear over the mailboxes. As for the cake slices, you have to attend parties to get them.
  • Thank you for posting this. I know we all will be looking out for it for we all need to voice our options and opinions. Well done post!
  • I dont see no surgical table in inventory to rez or buy. What a strange little baby update just to lay out a new career and it don't work. Hey @EAGames fix the bugs in the game and before you put out a new update .. please test it before you release it. .. Thank you!
  • I just notice a new career on the list. How do people start it if it is part of the hospital career? If there is a glitch with the new career... PLEASE FIX IT!
  • Hello Clsims, The sims must be adult status and be retired for them to move out. Also, there could be a glitch since the newest update. If the family portrait frame still is not working correctly for you .. create a ticket in the forums area under bugs and explain your situation. Best of Luck to you.
  • Genzza wrote: I got the same thing and I will not pay 200 sim dollars for it. Simscash coins maybe if the deal was great enough. It is ok for the Surprising Choices to be back, but Wow .. lower the prices on it.
  • What the people who max out the game by hitting level 40 when it comes to the blue stars to level up should be turned into something else that we can earn like fashion gems or other ticket types or coins or sims bucks. We need much better options to replace the options in the daily to do list if a person max the game out.
  • We need an door lock where anyone in the house be added when it comes to the front door. When it comes to the bathroom.. if anyone is there .. it should be locked for privacy. We need this badly as an option, and as a request. Please give us this!
  • Ok ... this update is alright I guess cause all I see is new stuff to add to the house. We really need a deep huge update. Open the Waterfront district. Give us the little beach space where we have our house on. We for sure need the option to sell things back from the inventory that is not needed cause I feel it is…
  • Do anyone have an issue when u have like alot of extra rooms and you been to lay the down to build but it ask you to buy the room again, or it says all rooms are used .. but you still may have like 3 or 4 extras left?
  • Have anyone gotten another update again since the release besides me?
  • Is anyone else in the game have a situation when a sim you have complete a trait to unlock, but nothing happens? Do we need tickets for that too?
  • I even noticed that the inventory have changed some too. New items have been added.
  • I had to go to the Google store to get the update downloaded for it would not upload automatically like it usually does. This update is very different, but you now have the option to change a trait but will cost you some tickets and the store for the sims traits really have changed alot and is very different. Alot of…
  • I get no options for proposal for marriage ... nor for moving in on a level 8 story ... no options period. I am replying to Joysie question to me. I have tried the arch many times with no menu for neither situation.
  • We should have all types of options for stickers .. like creativity, hot, chilly, silly, etc. They should change them up from time to time.
  • I have multiple times to get my account fix and still have the issues
  • I have done the marriage quest and have all items from it and yes I have the wedding arch and flowers. But when I click on it.. I get a message that says .. "What to look or smell the flowers." No option at all for marriage. No proposal option arise either. I may give up on the NPC sims relationships cause I never see…
  • A lot of people are having issues when you try to move in or marry an NPC .... you may have a level 8 in a storyline, but no option may not appear for a proposal or to move in cause their maybe a bug. I heard that the creator already knows of this situation. I had three of my own sims that were in relationships with NPC…
  • What we all need is for that Water distract on the map to be available already. Old event items should be added into inventory for new member who join.
  • He have no grey hair at all .. but no options have arise to move in or to marry him either.
  • There must be a deep huge bug in the game cause I still can't get my playable sim to move in an NPC sim ( Jayden Baugham )into the household. I am on level 8 of the relationship status, and I don't see an option for them to marry on the wedding arch or on the sim himself. I worked way too hard to level him up to have him…
  • One of my playable sims is having a relationship with a sim that was already part of the game as a club owner in the Downtown area district. My question is .. can that sim ( meaning the sim with no diamond)be able to move into the household and if so .. how?
  • STICKER REQUEST: Would be nice to have a fashionista sticker or a hunk one for male sims. How about a HOT sticker if the sim is sexy Hot good-looking?
  • QUESTION: Can a playable sim ask a game sim with no blue diamond over the head to move into a household? ( Meaning a sim that is already part of the Sims Mobile game (like the owner of the club) if the playable sim and the already game sim have a relationship together? They already completed a relationship story together.
  • I have a sim in a relationship with a game sim who is the club owner in the sims mobile game. They completed their story, but I don't see the option for him to move into the house. I was told that the request should come when they are on level 8, and I am way past that. How can I add him to the house even thou I have 4…

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