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  • I would really appreciate if they took January time to iron out FR bugs and other ones that still linger between packs so February we could start with a new round of announcements and packs. But a January roadmap reveal plus one SDX would also be super cool 😎
  • That's really a shame. From all Sims created by Maxis Gallery profile only one (household Sul Sul, Get to Work promotional Sims) is a alien :(
  • Their profile is kinda buggy at least on consoles. Generally you need to use sort more than once to really see all uploads (both households and lots) but sometimes it will work normally. Part of the promotional Sims from 2014 and some early uploads by SimGurus are actually on their profiles, but the rest seems to be all in…
  • I would like at least weather (rain and sun), even if they choose to add proper seasons later, and I also expect that pets will become a free update so they can monetize more pet items without gatekeeping ppl. and cars, ofc. they made us wait a whole generation for it, hope next gen cars to be present since day one ;)
  • Maybe they cooked up a gameplay kit to go well with this recent EP? :smile: I also recommend Bust the Dust bc of the gameplay itself and the aspirations are fun.
  • Theoretically it changed five years ago with the release of Seasons, kind of baffling they were unable to fix it
  • Gameplay kit, please 🥺
  • I'm having this issue too. Every single mischief interaction fails. But it started with my 3rd household on my rotational save and happened as follow: my Sim failed 3 consecutive mischief interactions which triggered the Fear of Failure. Even after solving the fear, all mischief interactions keep failing, and now with…
  • My Sims will always participate in any Holiday activity unless they ignore it. I have the og ones plus Bunny Day, Leisure Day and Spooky Day. Another thing that can make my Sims not participate in activities are their jobs. Neither Bunny Day or Spooky Day are day off from work/school so I tend to complete as I can. :smile:
  • Can't guarantee 100% but I think it works now, all mentions to be broken are very dated (2017 and before). I started a new rotational with the Infant update so time will tell me if Summer and Zoe (I guess they both have the FotW aspiration) will maintain the relationships they acquired :smile:
  • 1) Both moodlets still show up together but dust is working as intended (accumulating etc.). 2) and 3) I don't know 4) Hard one @_@ I guess dog woman. She is also on my save btw :smile: 5) They're not present on Strangerville but you can download them at Maxis profile. From what I understand, SV is thematically based on…
  • You can try add (you said you play without mods, but not sure about cheats) the Beloved trait (reward for completing Friend of the World aspiration) that halts any relationship decay of the Sim. :smiley:
  • Only the ones Maxis recreated and posted on their profile on Gallery: Newbie, Curious, Smith, Beaker, Specter, Pleasant, Grunt and the Landgraabs from Bustin' Out :smile:
  • Yup, actually when you mix it with daily tasks and aspiration goals plus extra interactions you want your Sims to do throughout the day it got a really really nice flow
  • On Xbox I tried to play the game and it warned me about the update. 10.52gb :open_mouth:
  • I like to use MOO on outdoor plants, so I can reorganize some bushes and grasses in a way they don't necessarily will look the same item but only spread. I also like to use it now with the light switches so I can put them a little bit closer to doors when needed.
  • Could it be some item from Deluxe Edition? If you don't own it and there's clothes or items from the DE it will pop this warning but without any pack associated (opposed to what happens with Sims and lots from Gallery)
  • My Sims keep only doing Goof Around, Ask What Happened and holiday interactions autonomously with each other #_# Such a bummer. Wish I didn't update the game months ago when they messed up :/
  • I'll only give up after today 😝 I went on look their records and there's late December patches before so... I still believe in Father Winter ❄️ lol Edit: not late, mid December actually... ):
  • Totally. Thank youuuuuuu ✨
  • Omgomgomgomgomg I was so sad and now you give that incredible news. THANK YOU 😊
  • I still believe maybe there's a patch today, but it can also be my ansiety to see the mean bug fixed. 😬 oh lord
  • Actually, I don't think you're wrong. The Social Bunny app has a flirt reaction and I know for sure that every now and then my Sims gains relationship randomly with someone they know and also are added as contact on the app. I didn't try the flirt reaction yet to see its effects but really seems like a new option to add…
  • oh. my. god. thank you so much. finally!!!! now i just got excited to play all day long tomorrow :D
  • I'm not sure about the Mass Effect stuff. I really like the franchise, but seems like a random merchandising. Anyway, the hairs ARE GREAT. Super kudos to DeeSimsYT. I guess the Bantu knots is the hairstyle on the girl in the pic AND IT'S DOPE. <3
  • This is literally the worst bug from recent past years, topping even the infamous cooking bug. Even more because it affects something core to The Sims: relationships. I'm really sad this end of year with the bundle "new wants" & mean interactions. :|
  • I hope they release the patch today. The only bug right now that is unbearable are random mean interactions - it ruined 3 households relationships on my rotational save. I would love to have bust the dust also back (i miss my bunnies) but PLEASE, focus on fix the mean interactions :p
  • I really want some pirate items. I miss so much Barnacle Bay from Sims 3
  • They can be considered part of 2014 cast because they were used on promotional shoots around the release. xD I also prefer 2014 Sims because they are more archetypical, quirky, silly ol' Sims. Yes to Wilson Luchador!
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