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  • i agree -- specifically talking about the NAPs, they were apparently designed to work that way, but i find it really hard to understand why. i wouldn't have minded so much but if you have the sharing is caring NAP, for example, i've had some sims corrupt various community + residential lots because they steal essential…
  • found the mods. think they've already been linked but just in case anyone wants them! the creator says you only need the mod 'Eco Lifestyle Interactions Fix', but i'll link their previous one as well. https://simvasion.wordpress.com/portfolio/eco-lifestyle-interactions-fixes/…
  • i'm honestly at a loss. i cannot physically cope playing this game because of the bugs that have appeared. my sims are doing push ups and stealing essential items and playing with infinite balls of clay CONSTANTLY even with autonomy turned off. i don't understand why EA and the team behind TS4 are allowed to just carry on…
  • @Babykittyjade same!! I agree with you, especially about the witches. I loved TS3's witches because of the apothecary/potion shop. Everything about the witches there was so much more fun to play with. I'm not into Harry Potter at all, but that's definitely one of the inspirations for ROM! Like the 'schools' of magic. But…
  • Kiss on the cheek!! And a hug..?
  • Yum!! Except I'm a vegetarian, so I will only appreciate the look of it XD Chinese veggie stir fry?
  • Self Assured! That's one confident walk you got there.
  • You! I usually wait for sales. The only game I'm considering pre-ordering is Cyberpunk 2077 ... WMLT get cybernetic enhancements? Hehehe..
  • As others have said, Eco Lifestyle should've been called Eco Living. I've slipped up and called it that almost every time!
  • Personally when I voted for the eco theme, I voted specifically for the laundry aspect they mentioned. My response was, oh - if they're listing it in this vote does that mean we won't ever get laundry if this theme isn't chosen? Not sure what reasons others had for choosing the same, because obviously enough people did,…
  • Thank you, woah! I'm going to be studying Game Design at Uni next year so the inner workings of this stuff is really intriguing. I might just make 2 household's worth of spellcasters to slow it down!
  • @DaWaterRat Thank you so much! That's really, really helpful. Just didn't want to have the magic bleed out of the realm and into my every day worlds!
  • Unfortunately I think there was a tweet by one of the SimGurus confirming that no new occults will be included in Eco Lifestyle, including PlantSims. https://twitter.com/SimGuruFrost/status/1258849410223607809?s=20
  • Lupin flowers! They're super pretty..
  • ( @Coffeecrumblecake thank you so much! ahah it's one of my favourite sims. I LOVE that story! When you get any pics, wanna send them to me? I'd love to see! @loubyloulou ahh that's my name! :D ) I love nature names, so probably Robin or Fawn! I've also had Juno and Ondina (for a mermaid...definitely not inspired by H2O…
  • False! I don't hate it, but it's not my favourite! TSBM loves reading books.
  • Oh gosh that's so true!! Your sims look gorgeous! Those npcs though ... love a spellcaster wearing a ... cowboy hat? XD
  • Yes! It's the little details like that which can really make the game feel more immersive. I was SO excited when they added new teeth options. I love making sims with gaps or braces or lil wonky teeth! Such a cool but minimal addition.
  • I love their name! I definitely recommend vampires! The build mode and CAS items are ones I use all the time. Yes! I love mermaids a lot, and recently I've been trying to play more with Spellcasters because I didn't really connect with the gameplay of that pack the first time around :D If you get vampires, what would you…
  • Robin: I love to forage for ingredients for my potion making! I spend a lot of time reading through old tomes...lots of dust...so much dust... What is your lifelong dream/aspiration? How close are you to completing it?
  • Robin: Hm...well, I don't think fruitcake tastes THAT bad...And nope! Not yet, anyway... Although I am intrigued by Morgyn.. ( Is that a whippet in your signature? :o ) Question: Do you own pets? If so, tell me about them!
  • Hahah I guess it's just me then XD I think probably you..? I drink too much water! Hahah WMLT defeat the Mother plant in Strangerville?
  • Ahahah having a good outlet is always healthy! Hmm not sure I have a favourite blind, but I love the sheer curtains layered with the ones from CL! Do you ever play with occult sims?
  • That's true! I was sort of responding to people's comments about how that was a rumoured reason why anims are recycled. Interesting to learn that!
  • That's a good point. They can't exactly show UI features until Gameplay trailers, which is when the narrator/annotation would usually explain them, I guess!
  • I do the same breathing exercise! I have really bad anxiety but this is one of the main things that I use. I also do most of the rest of the things you mentioned, with the addition of cuddling one of my puppies! What cheat (if any) do you use most when playing a sims game?
  • Me! I have so many freckles haha. WMLT eat an entire tube of pringles in one sitting? :D

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