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Elissia New Member


  • I agree with so many things on this thread. (especially Needs play rather than Energy play) A few issues I would like to add: - Heirloom Tickets It's easy to gain the green tickets but now I have all the "common" heirlooms either through retirement or buying the the shop and I have all these excess tickets which I can't do…
  • @orkhid22 I felt the same when I first started playing. But it didn't take me long to complete all the career, hobby and relationship stories when I had 4 sims playing.. now the only thing I need to collect are heirlooms, so playing repeated stories is pointless and because I don't have as much motivation to play it takes…
  • I would really love to sell my items back too! especially when you buy stoves at the level you are at and as you go up you buy better stoves. I don't need 5 stoves!
  • I ended up with 3 tables and only 1 chair.. not sure what I'm supposed to do with it all now. No Hot Tub sadly, and not all of the swimsuits. It was a very poor ratio when receiving a duplicate item to only get a few ducky bucks after spending 50. They should reward you for getting duplicates because it acknowledges that…
  • I started to expand my house towards that way hoping that it would unlock the beach :(
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