• The word filter should controll for word not by character. o.o That is rud to censur other languages.
  • Maybe you could give for EU Version of the game a patch to let Teens on lots with the nude trait. Teenagers know what bodies look like. It's illogical for you to leave immediately the lot.
  • My favorite is Sims 3. The game score by itself has a great quality. It sounds so lively and that describes Sims 3 in best way. Steve Jablonsky was a great choice. There have to be more games that are using live orchestras. The Sims 4 music is an annoying noise by comparison.
  • Some time ago my Sims 3 game has created this floor tile by itself. :grin:
  • That redesign of The Sims 4 is not meant to end. But this describes the Sims 4 in its entirety. Nothing in the game is finished. I like the color that is finally in the game. Not this ugly white. However, why did you stoped at the ingame menu? Everything is still white. Why The Sims 4 does not gonig back to the Sims 1…
  • Is it an error from IP that I cannot place any port in Barnicle Bay? I can place a water or half water lot in town view. Changing the lot type and load this lot. I can build a port with a dock for houseboats. However, when I want change back to town view to save the game, the map zooms out and I get a loading loop with…
  • Does someone know a fix for this Quest with the Ghost in a bottle with the Mage? He cannot mediting nether free the ghost.
  • Put children that a removed from houshold by the game into the towni menu. So that the player can put them back into the household.
  • Yes, but when I think about swimming pools I have a picture of Lounge chairs as well. In The Sims 4 it is about that the game count the lot as complete, even when there are only Lounge Chairs instead of Dining chairs
  • It is so true. Watch this Video. My Sim should catch some fishes but she does not do it, because always she wants to the toddler. At some point I was freaking "shut up hunchback". In The Sims 1 there gave a Mod with a weapon shop Sims could murder other Sims. At this moment I wanted this for The Sims 4 and Kill this brad.…
  • My savegame moved to a new savegame to reduce the file size. But my Vampire Father lost one of his creature as one of his, because this Vampire lives in an own household. I have not found a Mod that can set this issue back at correct state.
  • I want to see some convenience features in The Sims 4 again. i.e. In The Sims 1 a door could be exhanged by pressing Ctrl. The Sims 4 has no idea what it should do.
  • What exactly is happening? Did you install Basegame + AddOns successfully? Is there an error message?
  • The Sims Online came out when I had not the money to pay a game monthly nor could even make money exchange from Euro to Dollar for EA. But the trailers and impressions were very interesting.
  • Long ago.^^ Usually, I was visiting a primary school friend and very often he played on PC games. In regular I only watched, if we do not played with the N64. And there he was playing The Sims. Very soon I wanted that game, too. I went to my parents and next time we were shopping at at wholesale trade there were alot The…
  • Why was EA Germany not interested to release this version?
  • Basically my issue is that the Game is blaming the player. Although the AI does it very difficult to play the game. And I am not saying to remove the highchairs, but they have to be recreated and the AI more controllable.
  • I guess, that "Give something to eat" is leading directly to the eating interaction by the toddler. During put toddler into highchair this thing will immediately wave to get out, again. It is difficult, when you want to play a Sim who wants to give the toddlers not only animal crackers or peas. On the highchair is a meal…
  • When I remove every Mod than the game shows the Mosaic by nude Sims and I cannot see if the body from the Sim is still glitched.^^'
  • Game is up to date, Cache files are cleared, Graphic is up to date.
  • In my Mods folder are only UI extansions and NoMosaic Mods.
  • Thank you very much for Walking on Sunshine from Kathrina & The Waves on Simlish. :D First Separate Ways from Journey and now this cool sound.^^
  • EA said that Sims are more smarter because of multitasking. But this is not a trait of smart. The AI from the Sims in Sims 4 is more chaotic than in previous Releases. Best example is when Sims want to wash dishes. They run to the sinks from the Bath instead to use the Sink in the kitchen right next to the dinning table.
  • good thread idea - smaller telescope - laptops or generell more diversity from computers in each price categorie - a compilation pack of 1:1 imported Objects from Sims1, Sims2 and Sims3. (Walls, Floors, Roofs; Lovebed from Sims 1, Buffetts from Sims 1, Toddler and Children Stuff from Sims 2 and Career and Hobby Objects…
  • Wow. I like your furnishing style very much. Especially the living rooms!
  • Hello, your buildings looking very well. You have found the right combination of the objects. I think this fits into Willow Creek. Really.
  • > @Dannydanbo said: > Entertainer? Most lounges are night time operations so a comedian or musician could work there at night and feed on the occasional customer. My first Vampire is doing this and it works fine. But I think it would be better, if the night would beginn at 7 am and end a 6 pm. Before this trip through bars…
  • It would be nice, when they do not add only regular pets. I want some weird stuff like giant spiders, size like in Dragon Age, or a big bunny (not a freezer bunny). A little horse race? A dragon/lizard again?
  • I would sign it, if it would in a language I could read. English maybe?
  • Curious. In the german forum I can create own threads.
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