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  • Today I have a sim who needs to make a video for promotion in her journalistic job. SHe has no video camera and no way of buying one. How does she make a video?
  • I have a dying Sim right now - starving but refuses to make the food he's taken out
  • I still need to learn what this is - I see I can ascribe auras to paintings my Sim paints, but it doesn't seem to change anything I guess because we sell every painting
  • I just bought Sims 4 last week and it is a huge step up from 2 which was my last one. I do find glitches though - I have Sims who refuse to do anything - miss school everyday even though i get them standing outside and I click the go to school button all to no avail. They'll stand on the pavement all day . Very frustrating
  • At least yours are doing something - I have usually one Sim per family who stands and stares and refuses to do anything
  • I have just bought the game and in my first family all was going well until my Sim grew up into an adult. Now he refuses to go to work. he's a genius and has a job in programming but won't budge when work is due, and gets calls every day warning him. He just stands in the lounge and stares. he is also starving to death as…
  • I have exactly the same issue. I bought this game last week and now have a Sim who won't prepare food - he takes it out of the fridge and then puts it on the counter and stares at it. He is starving to death!
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