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  • hey, I’m having a lot of issues since the new update too, i’d recommend to post it here though I can’t say it’s helpful in any way, maybe just maybe, or you could try to contact them!
  • :( sadly, it’s sell duplicate heirlooms for purple/blue heirlooms tickets. I would really LOVE if they added an option to sell the green heirlooms as well, even if it’s a crazy value like 100 green for 1 blue one Id still take it. I currently have 300 green ones and they’re just sitting there, there’s nothing to do with…
  • yeah it basically stays like that until you buy it, once you do no more sales :(
  • > @Asquinol said: > How do you find your friends parties? they should be at parties, no need to search like you normally have to do in order to find parties, but if there’s no party thrown by your friends you won’t see any
  • @TheRealXtremeTV no :( I wanna buy that again or any sale actually, but only for the cash though. I’m not a big fan of izzy shop, I’ve seen a couple of stuff around that look nice, but most likely the trait they give is useless, which is another problem
  • @simlovergirl07 may I ask how come you got 2 of them? I have enough green tickets to buy 2 common heirlooms but my problem is it’s been a couple of days since they’ve been in store, now I only get silver or gold ones! did you get them by retiring?
  • my problem is the complete opposite, I barely get the retire notification, my last retired sim - I was checking the sim panel like crazy hoping it’ll appear, I don’t know how but in the morning it was there, without getting any notification. I retire them asap bc I like heirlooms. anyway, I had to wait like 2 days to…
  • > @Assana8 said: > I'm glad some of you aren't plum like me and buys 4.99 pack of sim cash then sees the sale after. Could have got fashion gems. But I'm not so upset. Fashion gems don't seem worth buying. I would never pay money to unlock items early. Most items I wouldn't buy anyway. I think there should be an option…
  • I’ve had 3 sales actually, the fashion gems one(5$) and two cupcakes sales (10$ one for some clothes as well and the 5$ sweet deal) these were really worth it imo, got some cash as well, about 1k? I think, in total. as for the cupcakes, I still have about 60 left, so there were quite a few included. if it wasn’t for this I…
  • aww, 🐸🐸🐸🐸, thanks @rosemow
  • Does anyone know how to get the piano heirloom? I’m only missing like 3 of the common heirlooms for traits, is it common as well? I’ve noticed they added the option of purchasing it for 350 cash
  • I find the popular one interesting, I hope they’ll be adding that soon, as for the neighbourhood one, meh, not as excited but now let’s see what theyre gonna do
  • I was curious about that as well, I surely do hope so because I’ve finished all the careers stories
  • Need to keep those in mind all the time, thank you for taking your time and writing them
  • hi everyone, I’m Drea and I’m from Romania, I’ve been playing sims for as long as I can remember, however I am quite busy atm so can’t make enough time to play the sims 4 with all of its expansions for now, but thanks to The Sims Mobile which kinda limits my actions, I might say, I can play it a little bit, though I’m…
  • I thought it was the first time I looked at the lot, even counted the sections of land I needed until there :(, hopefully they’ll do something about that beach in the future
  • Will there be any more quests? already finished all of them
  • RKXPVW7 :# I’m level 27

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