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Hi, I'm Catzilla and if I were a Sim my traits would be a shifting blend that includes: Geek, Goofball, Catlover, Creative, Cheerful, Hot-headed, and Lazy. Into Sunny locales, supernatural stuff, building stuff, and laughing at the all funny little things that happen in The Sims 4. Hoping for an Asian themed world with build stuff and clothes, more musical instruments and band forming play, some punk rock and goth clothes/hair/make up, more long pants for male sims and more color!


  • That scenario was fun. Sadly, my play through had the bug that wont allow you to finish it. I may try it again later.
  • I'm so glad you had the backups! As for this part: "as I have no real way of tracking which songs he's won an Accolade for", could you track them in a paper journal beside your computer or in a separate Word file as an additional back up?
  • Good! No rain either, I hope. lol
  • I'm always happy to have a new world, bonus if it's warm and sunny. Edited for clarity.
  • I was really, really really hoping for a music/bands pack.
  • First, I'm very happy for everyone who wanted horses so badly. This wasn't one of my most wished for packs but it will likely be really good as the other packs that I wasn't wishing for but was pleasantly surprised by. I can't tell much yet about the content but I hope they included an English/Euro show jumping/riding…
  • You said you are in the target demographic so I don't know why you're so dismissive of others who have different but valid experiences and opinions on the matter. It hasn't happened to you yet but it will.
  • I just read the article on the new rebranding for The Sims 4 and right out front Brandgenuity says this: “The Sims,” catering to its diverse and engaged Gen Z and millennial fanbase." I'd like to point out that this is dismissive of players who are not millennials or Gen Z, it isn't embracing diversity and it isn't…
  • Here's an unpopular opinion :p : Right now aliens are all randomly generated in TS4 but I think we should have a couple of regular townies who are aliens so you know who to go to initiate alien activity in your game. I think all the other occults have their own townies so why don't aliens?
  • I really enjoy the weird and like having the occults running around in my game, it can add fun, random encounters and results in the game. I think having triggers to invite or activate the occults is great (because sometimes you want occults and sometimes you want plain normal) but it shouldn't be difficult to do so,…
  • I was surprised to find that if two aliens start dating or get married they don't always know the other is an alien either. They find out later through strong emotion or first woohoo. All this time and you two didn't know? Seriously? :D
  • I usually only make basements if I need more room for activities like an at home music/karaoke space, spa/gym, home theatre, games room, labs, workshop, vamp lair and the like.
  • @mcrudd I was clicking (repeatedly) on the parents but they had other ideas like dancing while their little darling became more and more 'charming' the tireder he became. And then his meltdown set off the newborn to add an extra zing to it all. Quickly zooms camera out to fullest extent, I see nothing, I hear nothing. :D…
  • @KestrelDC Give Eleanor Sullivan a try, she's one of the NPCs from San Sequoia and she's in the Sullivan-Luna household. I did get into her cas and removed the Mischief aspiration and changed it to Creative to cut down on toilet pranking. She got everything under better control with the first baby, I did not have her when…
  • Cool, thanks for this! That's kind how I remember it and I didn't know how to get her back. She hasn't called back so far and there's so.much, crying. My sims weren't doing what told them to do to fix it (my game my be bugged), I finally had to zoom out to nearly outer space to get away from the crying. lol
  • Oh, cheers for this, can you explain how that worked, I got her by happy accident but I'm not clear on how it happened or how I triggered it (There must have been a bunch of stuff happening all at once so I didn't see what happened.) I don't think I initiated the nanny call originally, I think it generated on it's own and…
  • I have considered that, I just wanted to check all the options first, ya know? I forgot to add: I found out that Eleanor Sullivan is part of a Townie household and If I adopted her I'd take her away from her granddaughter and DIL. I'd rather not do that or have to adopt All three of them.
  • Homer drinks tea at your party
  • I think the needs decay too quickly too. The dirty nappies and bottles left all over the place, like the drinking glass bug, is annoying, I need my sims to clean all that up without me having to get on them every single time. The dirty nappies are definitely hard to see on the rug. I guess some of it comes down to the…
  • My young sim couple decide they're going to start a family and head for the shower. They have a great time, so great the camera starts shaking violently and my first thought was, "Bwahahaha! Wow, was that a new Earth shattering woohoo experience?" Then I realized it had been a magnificently timed earthquake on the lot.…
  • I think the new baby-toddlers look a little weird and old too, sort of like Elmer Fudd with a little hair. After the skin tones and shading update EVERY sim has five o'clock shadow. lol
  • @Jonalin I'm so glad you got him back! I'd suggest saving your family to your library so you have a copy of all of them for a back up. You could even upload to the gallery and save them there as well, they'll be available to other players but you will have a copy of them available even in you lose your save somehow.
  • @Nate_Whiplash1 Your angry bee boxes, outdoor houses and nightclub venues always crack me up. Ooh, I hadn't thought of regifting the fruit cake to the giver, that's delightfully rotten.
  • It worked fine earlier but it's borked again. I'm playing the same fresh no mods game and the new save and the sims delivery error code is back and can't connect to my gallery stuff again. Just in time for the weekend too. Drat. lol
  • I've had issues with front doors on houses not dropping too.
  • I've been having problems with this too, I'm glad you brought it up, @Brd709. I removed my saves, mods and Sims4 folder to start a fresh Sims4 game and it helped with a couple other issues but the sims delivery was still borked. Will try it again to see if it works now.
  • That can be a problem with MOO (Move Objects On) (lilsimsie uses it), it can create issues and break your save.
  • I love the corner Jacuzzi, I use it a lot when my sims get a little more financially comfortable. It needs a 3x3 bathroom at the very least.
  • Because your sims get stuck or locked in/out a lot if your bathroom is too small. Plus, the wet your pants embarrassed mood lasts a really long time. lol 3x3 works better.

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