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  • I used to play Sims 3 and 4 and loved them both but life went on and I deleted Sims 3, but still play S4. I recently got the itch to get back into S3, so I installed it and was disappointed to see Nraas is no longer out there, at least the Wikipedia part, but looking through my old stuff I found the Sims 3 packages I used…
  • I tried the above clicking Public Image and Remove Quirk, the remove fame quirk image appeared but the quirk Alcoholism, never appeared to be removed, it just remained a blank picture, no fame quirk appeared, and the game automatically went to pause. So that didn't work. I may just dump the character and play the household…
  • I do not know what MCC is, can you please give me more information? Thank you
  • my dogs are pretty good about going out without being told to do their business. But if it seems too long, I gently remind them.
  • Found that the treadmill does it, in fact I had to stop my sim from running as she was starting to look a little too thin.
  • It seems like a lot of people out there are in favor of adding horses. I hope the Devs are reading the posts, or doing searches to show them the popularity.
  • Found it...thank you again.
  • The treadmill is melting the fat away. I looked but must have missed the kitchen pack, is that the correct name? I will look again, but so far the treadmill is awesome. Thank you all.
  • Thank you I will buy a treadmill and work her out on that. Thank you
  • I must be dense, but I cannot find a selling table in the buy mode. I check the City Living pack and look at all the new things the pack brought to the game and I do not see any table that can be used to sell items. Also, I do not know how or where to hang my paintings in order to sell them. Please help me.
  • P.P.S I remember another question I had. I am playing a female sim and someday I wish to start a family, however, I do not wish to adopt or get married. Is it possible to become pregnant and drop the male sim once I have a baby on the way? I would like to have a vampire baby, but not sure if that is an option. Sorry if…
  • Thank you, I looked for it but must have missed it. Thanks again
  • I am using a chemical analyzer and have so far discovered 2 elements. I bought the elementary display rack and tried to put my new element into the rack but it did not work. They would not go into the rack. Does the rack not work for elements discovered using the chemical analyzer?
  • I make a lot of simoleons by maxing out the painting skill for my sims. As far as the woodworking bench, money can be made there also, but my problem with the woodworking bench is it is the first thing the sims run to if you do not keep them busy. I always know where to find them. Just do not understand what the attraction…
  • I still play and love the Sims 3, but have become more involved in the Sims 4, especially since the Vampire gamepack. I will never leave the Sims 3, however, and love the ability to basically do anything you wish. I am a horse breeder and love owning my huge horse farm. Pls do not mess up the Sims 3 with any unwanted…
  • I have seen some pretty bad looking vampire sims, but that fashion statement is, well, BAD!
  • Thank you all for your input. Let's hope it is fixed soon. Have a great Sims day!
  • But if I bulldoze the lot, won't I lose the simoleons I spent when I built the house itself (not anything I added inside)? I spent a lot on the foundation, the walls, etc...do I lose that if I bulldoze? Thank you.
  • No I am using Windows 7.
  • I tried to delete all traces of the Sims, even cleaning the registry and tried to reinstall the Origin version of TS3 and it not only installed the base game it installed also the Late Night Expansion which needless to say did not work. I received an error message and the game closed. I did another complete deinstall and…
  • LOL...That is the one. Thank you so much for your help and a bit of fun..:) Have a great New Year and best of the Sims to you..Thank you again..:)
  • the bell, I meant, not ball
  • Found out that I do not have the "no pregnancy" bug. I am still learning TS4 and I was expecting to get the ball after attempting to make a baby to say it was successful. Well, to all those out there who are like me, what you need to do is Woohoo, then when done have the female use the toilet and take a Pregnancy Test 15S.…
  • Not always, but no matter flirty I make both of them, she always is disappointed with the woohoo. I would say it can very easily be a bug.
  • No one else has any comments re: this? Please help me. Thank you.
  • Unfortunately it is already checked and as per the previous response, "T" does not work. Was the pitch control in TS3 a different keystroke? Or maybe I am doing something wrong. I press "T" while in the game and my mouse icon does not change, so maybe I just do not know how to use the pitch control from TS3. Can someone…
  • P.S. Maybe I am not installing the files correctly. I am opening the download and transferring all of them, usually around 7 files, to the Tray Section of the game. If this is not correct or I need to do something else please let me know. Thank you all again.
  • Thank you so much
  • Thank you for the help. I will do what you mentioned and see what happens. Have a great Sims day!!
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