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  • Hey! I’m currently interested in items from Futureshock Loft Collection :) I also have the following items in this set so please don’t gift me them! :) Sani-Booth Max 3700 Clothing Containment System Teeth Tech 2.0 @melaniet1020 Thank you so much for the two items you got me! :D I wish I could gift you something in return…
  • Anything you buy that’s meant for the Sims 3 Store (such as the worlds bundle pack for instance or the paid worlds (not with SimPoints!)) will give you a code to redeem on the Sims 3 website via email & on the purchase successful screen or if you’re buying SimPoints they get added automatically. :)
  • I also wanted to say, I really wish that stuff like the pre-order bonuses were available to buy for SimPoints on the websites and especially the branded content that I missed, I’m gutted I missed out on more content because I didn’t get Sims 3 until 2018 lol…
  • Omg YES, I forgot about the casino and the objects! I still want to make a casino lot!
  • For me, I’d say the Sky High Roller Coaster is my favourite store object, I used to play Theme Park World (also published by EA and made by Bullfrog maaaany years ago) a lot and the roller coaster when I saw The Sims 3 Store had it was really cool! I do kinda wish you could use an additional Loading Zone on it though so…
  • I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they added it in for a Vacation pack, because you usually have extreme weather like 40 degree heat or -10 degree cold weather with big snow depth when on holiday abroad. Where I live, we barely get any snow and usually it’s flat like in this Seasons pack lol
  • Yeah I understand where you’re coming from now, I’m also buying the pack anyway lol.
  • The thing is though with all the complaining, people are spamming the SimGurus about the snow depth feature among other MINOR features, that’s not okay at all. And what I mean by “their life depends on snow depth” is that I tend to think of that as an alternate for “I’m not going to buy this pack as there’s no snow depth”…
  • And do you know how much time that would take to implement???? Game development is not simple as adding a simple graphic button and done, it works, you have a lot more to work on, coding, programming, testing every single DLC (this probably isn’t true but I’m talking generally here) to make sure none of them break the game…
  • Wow, I feel like this thread is getting too toxic among players and should be closed...
  • I’m just going to say I’ll be mad if Maxis doesn’t add Event items to the game permenantly and the fact that they force people to pay in order to try and get the Hot Tub item is ridiculous. Everyone should be able to get everything without needing to spend money if they don’t want to and the deadline of 6 days is too short.
  • If you don’t like the real-time feature don’t play the game, it’s that simple. I found it funny though that they basically took The Sims Social, The Sims 4, The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Online and merged it all into one mobile game which is pretty interesting to say the least. Online features and microtransations are…
  • Also keep in mind that The Sims 4 is literally designed to run on low end systems so people who have things like a low end laptop, etc.
  • The problem with this is that if you release it on Windows Store then the game isn’t going to be called “The Sims Mobile” and would need another term since it’s on both smartphones AND PC. The Sims has always been on PC since Sims 1 and there’s no point releasing a downgraded port of Sims 4 and a slight carbon copy of Sims…
  • I’d like this to be a feature too! :)
  • I’d like it if we could sell/delete unwanted furniture as there’s no way todo that right now...
  • I'd love to see a vacation/on holiday game pack! I also think curved pool tools should make a return too!
  • I really think this should be added!
  • Personally I don't like the Laundry Day Stuff Pack, I would have preferred other options you could vote for like Dangerous Stuff or Arcade Stuff. I do hope that a "Dangerous" stuff pack comes because we NEED MORE DEATHS in the Sims 4 lol
  • Signed, I have The Complete Collection of The Sims (includes Triple Deluxe, and all Expansion Packs), and The Sims Collector's Edition (bundles The Sims and The Sims Livin' It Up.)
  • Well it will, The game has a different design and coding since 2014 lol :smiley:
  • Bump, Yeah, this is an old post, but I don't like spamming forums with the same thread... :neutral:
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