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  • Yep you have to take care of every need you would as a living sim. To make a ghost playable you have to be good enough friends and ask the ghost to move in with you, you can just move them in via townie panel if they appear there and lastly you can just cheat it with testingcheat true, right click on them and add the ghost…
  • On the topic of unpopular opinions, I don't miss the color wheel and the open world. If they did bring the color wheel back I would only want it to change my sims hair color. If they brought back open world I would prefer it be restricted to each neighborhood in each world.
  • Buying the satisfaction rewards is not a bad idea, I think I will do that. Thanx for the idea! Full disclaimer I will definitely be using cheats for this...
  • I find myself using the 3rd one very often, I like the first one, but don't use it much. The second one is a no go for me. I have tried to make it work, but it only looks good with a hat on it in my opinion.
  • I realize that I put this in the wrong feedback forum, not sure if I can delete or move it, but if someone have the power to do so. Please help me out. Thank you! *Edit*This post was originally in forum ideas & feedback but was moved to the proper category.
  • I am not sure how much I will play this pack, but the game was definitely in need of a new vacation spot. I was hoping for something a little more tropic since Granite Falls was so mountain, waterfall, forest and fishing. I plan on making a sim I'm okay with dying or being turned into a skeleton. The pack does look really…
  • You got: Tiger You are sweet, warm-hearted, generous and very loyal. You have no fears, and you protect others. Your giant heart makes it impossibe for you to walk by an obvious injustice without getting involved. You radiate kindness, until you are backed into a corner, that is. Once you feel attacked, you have no problem…
  • The type of Car gameplay I would like to see in the sims 4, hmmmmm….. First I would like for Taxis and school buses to come back. I want for the sims to actually have to pay a fee for calling a taxi to take them to work. I think parents should have the option to take their kids to school, and maybe bikes for ages child -…
  • My games has been plagued with this bug. I did a little testing around in my game and it seems the issue has something to do with mods, more specifically scripted mods e.g. MC Command Center (which suck because it's my favorite mod). This is just my experience with the bug, I know it might differ for others. I also…
  • I recently started a new game with a male sim named Adam O'Connor, born and raised in Windenburg. He is a bartender by trade but have dreams of owning his own restaurant. I don't plan on moving him to SM but I am thinking his future kids will.
  • I'm not bored! I am currently having fun playing my witch sim, I know there isn't a supernatural EP yet....but! Trying to keep her immortal until one comes out is pretty fun for me. Combination of the science career, herbalist, writing and gardening is what gives my witch her limited powers. Sacrifice a neighbor or two for…
  • Time to wander the wasteland some more in Fallout.
  • I feel like we are so close yet so far away. I need a distraction.
  • School keeps me pretty busy and im starting a new job soon, but i will find some time to play. Luckily I don't have anything to do on Tuesday so I am going to get most of my play time in on release. Two more days I am so excited!
  • Yep just gave it a try and sure enough that was the case. Thanx rose :smile:
  • My world is finally where I want it, and Get Together has me so excited that I actually want to try my hand at building. I have been looking at tutorials and tips on building and I have an idea in mind for a club house. The new build mode items look so good, I need it to be December 8th right now!!!!!
  • I am just toooooo excited for this pack, I cant wait. I've been setting up my town and I almost have it right where I want it for this pack. The 8th cant come quicker!!!!
  • Im currently having the same problem, suspects simply wont generate on the lot. I did a test and tried to arrest every single person on the lot (took a huge performance loss but luckily I saved) and the suspect is just not there. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon. The detective career isn't my favorite but I…
  • I didn't think I would want to start over but the more I learn the more I just want a fresh start. I did have a town set up for the expansion but once I built my new computer, all of my previous game info is gone. I haven't started over just yet but I do have plans to record my game-play for the YouTube channel I want to…
  • I really want both! I even proposed we aim for a tie....but I like your passion so I will be on #TeamTreat for the lion door.
  • :o how did I miss this!!!!! OMG This is what i wanted my whole life in the sims. It have to be a game pack pllllleeeeeaaaase let it be a game pack!
  • Lol it hasn't started yet, I don't think it will count until the 23
  • I like both doors....i think we need them both, lets aim for a tie :s . I am not a fan of the fish bowls but if I had to choose one it would be the trick fish bowl. As for the chest, I like both of these...lets aim for another tie :smiley:
  • We can still think of it as a sea dragon. There are all kinds of dragons, and not all of them can fly.
  • It's not exactly a dragon but i think it will still look cool. Cant wait to see more!
  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention, hopefully they get the issue fixed soon. Thank you again!
  • I am sad that I wont be able to play in November anymore, but I am glad they delayed it. That means i wont have to choose between fallout 4 and the sims. I cant wait to see what else they will add to the pack hopefully some of the interesting and awesome ideas I seen in the forums will be added. I'm even more excited now.

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