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AstridSade New Member


  • There are three main issues I want to comment on: 1 The lack of quality control in packs I have felt for a while now that there has been a lack of play testing in packs before release. Bugs that should have been obvious after minimal play were shipped upon released. Eco Living was released with a NAP that broke lots. The…
  • > @LeGardePourpre said: > Let's try this one > > "You know that Lunar Cycle only works if you are playing with Werewolf sims and the new Calendar." > > https://twitter.com/SimGuruGeorge/status/1385702966854709248 I think the lunar cycle would make sense since there were rumors about a month ago about the calendar coming to…
  • FYI, I crochet not knit, but I think they are similar enough to answer these questions. Q1: Pets was the first thing to come to mind. I think that pets (specifically cats) should be able to get in your yarn to play with it. They'd really be messing it up and your Sim would need to untangle it. Knitting little cat toys like…
  • Oh, that sounds like a mod I want to try. Do you have a link to it? Is this it? https://triplis.github.io/mods/sorcerer.html
  • Hey mod makers, I'd really like a mod that nerfs the mages abilities a little. Spells like copypasto and the potion of plentiful needs are really game breaking. I'd really like a mod that either makes it limits use of copypasto to like once a day and makes potions less spamable. Maybe even toning the potion of plentiful…
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