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  • I've played The Sims since it first released on PC and Console now on Mobile. With all honesty my biggest love hate would be Sims Mobile. I dont understand not having the same options as PC/Console. My peeve is not being able to sell duplicate inventory too. I dont understand why this isnt an option. Especially with the…
  • Can EA please create an option to sell unwanted and duplicate items. I have so much inventory that it irritates me while searching and decorating. Also why are items so costly? Can that be improved as well? I feel like I do all of these standard and Long Shifts but earn very little and have to spend so much for one item.…
  • [quote="Coop3;c-16503270"]I really really really would love to have a way to trade objects with other players or sell them like a garage sale of sorts. Per my comment about events... I do NOT need 6 elegant mirrors. [/quote] Unfortunately I cant create my own post, but I strongly feel we should petition a "Trade" and or…
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