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  • Could you please talk about stories involving lifts in simple houses and commercial lots? You look like a nice guy, but hey ignore me is not legal.
  • This makes me really sick , the game is based on stories , right? And if the drug my story I want to tell my sim know the perfect guy in an elevator NOT STAY IN AN APARTMENT ?
  • So if I want a have a lift in my simple home Newcrest , can I not? What if I want a lift in the new spa of my city? Oh yeah , I can't! But what if I want a lift in my store of luxury items that have 4 FLOORS? Let me see ... I can't! STOP DOING EXPANSIONS IN WHICH MODDERS HAVE TO END YOUR SERVICE!
  • Drawings on walls, playing and running around the house, mess things with food, mess up some things ... More games for children TBM are welcome, such as hide and seek (where the player chooses where the child but will hide, and may be under the bed, behind a vessel within the closset and etc ... while you have time to tell…
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