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I am just issuing this out today will be my last day on this forum. I wanted to say goodbye to the many friends i've met here and to the many people I've had very good discussions with. I hope that you all keep yourselves safe and happy and worry free. I've for a long time been battling it out whether to stay with the sims franchise or not. It just comes a time where you realize that EA customer service is terrible, They aren't going to change and there really is nothing you can do about it other than withhold your money. I've been having a long standing battle with my own personal life in trying to get my health under control due to my own lupus. I think right now I'd rather dedicate more of my time and life to that than to here. I just don't think developers care or want to listen to us. Equally all this place has become is a place is a school yard bullying ground where victims are punished and the bullies rewarded. So thanks everyone. Happy Simming


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