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I'm so happy to finally be a member of this wonderful community. My first ever sims game was the first sims game that my brother gave to me on my birthday the day i turned 12. I have always loved watching my brother play that sims game and I was so intrigued. before He gave me the game, he gave me the original Xbox plus it was special edition too. that was my very first home counsel although i had a hand held first the game boy advance. i have been playing the sims ever since and i still have the sims 1 and the Xbox that my brother gave me. oh to clarify he didn't go out and by me those they were already his but gave them to me. also i bought the Xbox off of him for $40.00. lol now thinking about it my brother probably asked our mom if he could give the sims 1 to me for my birthday because she really didn't a prove of the game but i guess she thought i was old enough. now when i play the sims 4 i'm always exited to show her what i create and sometimes we create a sim or hose together


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