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OME! finally got a userpic uploaded! Said picture is my Sims 3 sim of Eleni Surana, my Silmaril character who has a history of being a Grey Warden. It's a long story, but suffice to say, she started out an RP character, Kizár Elennárë, the Silmaril who fell into a fiery chasm, on Twitter, then when I started playing Dragon Age a couple of years ago, I named my Mage Warden after her (Elenaria, based on Elenarien, one of her psuedonyms) and what started out as an Expy became backstory for one of the RP timelines I was playing. She shares a house with her two sisters, Lossanárë Andraste and Elenlossë Theirin, and is in the early stages of a relationship with Shangraile Trevelyan (another RP character who was once Inquisitor).


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